Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another day – another arrest

Joseph Gelbman
Years back, when a Jewish man was arrested for a molestation crime, it was major news and the whole community was buzzing and there was a shock in the community, now it has become a daily routine, and life goes on.
A major arrest occurred recently as yet another school employee (with access to hundreds of minors) was arrested and charged with multiple crimes, among them Forcible Touching and Endangering the Welfare of a Child.
52-year-old JOSEPH GELBMAN was arrested after driving a fourteen-year-old boy to a hotel and sexually abusing him. The alleged molester was released on bail and joins athe rest of the molesters free to continue his action.
The justice system has become a joke and a laughing stock. When someone is caught with mortgage fraud, he receives upwards of $200,000 bail and stiff sentencing, while  children molesters get  slaps-on-the-wrist type of punishments and being released back into communities with 1,500 bail. Can someone explain that to me?
Rabbi Rosenberg, How dare you say we have a problem? We don’t have a problem, our community is clean, and it’s just “isolated” incidents.
These molesters make me sick to my stomach. Check out the mug of this scumbag. Our children have become  a free-for-all and are treated like some third-world-country orphans.
Hashem Y’rachem