Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nuchem Rosenberg, stop making a chilul hashem!

Attention all rabbis, please make sure that someone talks to Nuchem Rosenberg about the big chillul hashem he creates. If not for Nuchem, this community would be perfect, and because of him there is a constant chillul hashem on the streets.

The above would be funny if the situation is not so sad! Once again there is news on Every radio station and newspaper coming from the molestation-community in New Square.  Read the following article that appears on the Journal news and shepp nachas!

NEW SQUARE — A Truman Avenue man suffered severe body burns early this morning when he fought off a village resident armed with an incendiary device during a fight involving a simmering religious controversy, Ramapo police said.

Ramapo police said they later arrested 18-year-old Shaul Spitzer of Adams Lane on felony counts of first-degree attempted arson and first-degree assault. He had serious burns to his hands and arms and has been hospitalized, police said.
Other charges are possible against Spitzer, including attempted murder or possibly murder if the victim dies at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, police said.
The victim, 43, whose name is being withheld by The Journal News, suffered third-degree burns to 50 percent of his body, police said.
Police said they are aware that the Truman Avenue family had been targeted before with violence and protests by religious zealots because the victim prayed outside the community's main synagogue used by the Skver Hasidic grand rabbi, the worldwide community's dynastic leader.
Police investigators said today that they have no evidence of any connection between today's attack at 4:12 a.m. and past incidents against the family and other dissidents in the community. The vacant upper floor of a Bush Lane house caught fire recently where another dissident family lived.
"I know there is a history there and we're aware of problems within the community," Ramapo Police Detective Lt. Mark Emma said today. "We have no evidence there is a connection. We're still investigating."
The Truman Avenue family installed surveillance cameras because of previous incidents.
Just after 4 a.m. today, a young man living in the Truman Avenue house woke his father up after hearing someone on the porch, police said. Four people were in the house.
The family members began watching a security camera monitor when they saw a man later identified as Spitzer throw something onto their rear deck, Emma said.
Emma said the item turned out to be a rag soaked in flammable liquid.
The father and a son went outside, where the father confronted Spitzer, Emma said.
"Somehow — we're not sure yet — the victim's clothes caught on fire," Emma said. "He has severe burns to his face, arms and chest."
The victim's son rolled his father on the ground to put out the flames, Emma said.
"The suspect fled the scene, but we were able to track him down" at 8:30 a.m., Emma said.
Rockland Paramedics Inc. and police found the victim sitting on the front steps of his house.
The suspect was taken to Nyack Hospital for the burns and later transferred to Cornell Medical Center in New York City, Emma said.
Ramapo police were later assisted by the Rockland Sheriff's Office Bureau of Criminal Investigation fie unit and the Rockland County Computer Crimes Unit.

Ladies and gentleman, I think enough is enough! The time has come to take the squarer rabbi YEMACH SHMOI and put him into prison forever and exterminate that whole shtetel. That whole community is not legally good and not halacha good. That community has created so much filth, rape, molestation, and now attempted murder.

Where are all the rabbis that are busy with rabbi Nuchem?  We know you have no guts and you are complete parrots and the Torah means shit to you, but where will you draw the line? When is enough, enough? Who will have the guts and stand up to this soviet-Union-Style regime and say stop it!

No wonder that community produces the worst of the worst in yiddishkeit! No wonder that the square community by far has the most abortions by 15 year old girls! No wonder that community does not have success with any of the young kids over there. Its starts with the Rabbi, he is a scum low life that was given the position of being a rabbi solely on the fact that his flesh and blood is the sperm of the old Rabbi! The man is a low life, his followers are low lives and the community is one big piece of filth

Raboisai its time to put the squarer rabbi and his Chassidim YEMACH SHMOM in cheirem! It’s time to bring in the FBI and arrest every individual in that shtetel, its time for some rabbi in our community to have the balls and speak out about it.

Raboisai our community has become a joke and laughing stock! There is not one rabbi with the BALLS (Yes I said balls) to stick up for anything good! What the hell is going on over here? What the FUCK (Once again I said FUCK) is happening to us? We are worse than the worst Taliban community in the universe. GOD is embarrassed with us. Don’t think that we are something, we are not! We are garbage! Our TORAH is worthless, if we can’t have decency in our lives! I am disgusted being a Jew!  Yes I said it!  You don’t like it, TOO DAMN BAD!

Where are our leaders?  Where are your guts to make a KOL KOREH against Squarere terror rabbi YEMACH SHMOI?  WOW you made one against Nuchem Rosenberg, that was real guts. You rabbis will burn in hell forever; you are gutless, worthless, scum and garbage.

Have you ever made one move that was necessary in the community? Have you ever taken one controversial decision in your life? Have you ever done right by our community? The answer is NO! shame on you shame on you shame on you!

Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg is the only man with GUTS, and the only man that is not afraid what the public thinks, rather worried what the Ribono Shel oilem thinks!

We are a disgrace to society! How the hell do we even think that we are special? How the fuck do we even believe we are Gods children? We are not! We are living one big lie!

You fight Rabbi Nuchem for one reason, so they forget about you I am sickened with our community!


  1. any jews left with some emunah after hitler..the rebbes will do the rest..yemach shmom

  2. All you know is whats reported if its true who cares as long as i can knock another jew i said in the past the gentile cant differentiate.

  3. i could not agree with you more, we are living in extreme trying times where the truth is so hidden and one tsadicik the yermia hanuvi in our generation rabbi nuchem is crying to us with the truth and no one is listening at least very few i got no doubt in my mind that reb nuchem will be the one that will bring the meshiach bimheiroo beyoomeiny umein

  4. Hillary Twersky will "cum" to the rescue once again for the old fart who put on a Kulpik to pander to the Clintons. Yemach Shemoi!

  5. Nuchem Rosenberg is Shelting Skver Terror says Rebbe is Avoda Zura has Girl Friend Hillary Clinton. Call: 1-712-432-8788 #11211 #0