Sunday, May 29, 2011

PR Nightmare

The following is a clip of Rabbi Rottenberg of this past Purim, praying at the Shul outside New Square where he reads the Megilah.

This is the same Rabbi Rottenberg that the New Square regime wants you to believe does not daven, and did not say kadish after his father and wished upon bad kids and basically deserved to be burned.

The faces of the other people praying in this shul have been blocked for their protection. They are scared of retaliation from this SS regime (Who can blame them).

As you saw from this video this is really a guy who does not want to daven and just went their to waste his times and no one in that shul wanted to daven they are all bums.

Shame on you New Square and as much you would like to twist this story in your favor and try to convince every one else that you are in the right, it won't work. You have been exposed and it is long long overdue

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