Sunday, May 15, 2011

Talk of the town

Day in and Day out I talk to my buddies in shul (they don’t know I am the author of this blog) and we keep bringing up rabbi Nuchem’s hotline and constantly the conversation ends with the following: “Nuchem is right after all” and “He talks to graphically but he is (leider) right”.
So I have a question to everyone! The fact is, He is right. The fact is, He has 40,000 listeners to his hotline every week. The fact is, he is the only one that protects the children in our community. The fact is, when a family finds out that their child was molested, they ALL end up by Rabbi Nuchem. No one else gives them the attention or even believes them. The fact is, that rabbi Nuchem has given up everything in this world for this cause. The fact is, he has not gotten and compensation or money for this holy work (Better yet, he has spent thousands of his own money for this cause).  The fact is, Deep down in our hearts we know that he is ONE MILLION PERCENT right.
So the big question is AD MUSAI?  How much longer will we be shut down by a couple community leaders and be scared to speak our mind? How long and at what price will we have to live a life where we can’t support a man that works for us. How much longer will we have this man pay a price for speaking the truth? How long will we drain his blood for no good reason? How can we walk into a shul and daven while we know that Rabbi Rosenberg does not have where to daven? How long are we going to look away at the other side?
Raboisai! We hear stories from 300 – 400 years ago, how Tzadikim were tortured by the community leaders and liaisons. History teaches us, that 200 years later we realized that these people were holy and pure and were tortured because they were teaching Gods word. Do you think this is any different? Do you think that the people against rabbi Nuchem are any better than the people who cursed and tortured the rabbi from מעזשביזש and the Baal Shem Tov (בעל שם טוב)? Do you think the Dirty-33 really signed against the Rabbi because they think this is the Torah way to do it or because two community leaders forced them to do it?
Raboisai! History will look back at our time and at this holy man as the savior of Klal Yisroel and as a holy man that stood up for the community like no one else was willing to do.  I honestly believe in my heart that Rabbi Yoel from Satmar had a much easier fight when he came to America, than Rabbi Nuchem has.
As I told you in a previous post, we are in the process of throwing the cheirem back on the dirty 33 next week! I have been in touch with these 10 respected men and they are moving forward with full force and looking forward to the process. Unlike the first B-S cheirem, this one will be done with full Torah hashkafa and legitly by a minyan of 10 yiden that have not been influenced by some community liaison, but rather by the fact that they see the evil done to the holy Rabbi.
For those of you that laugh and think that this is a big joke, go ahead and think like that, but know this very well! THIS CHEIREM WILL WORK and the fallouts will be excruciating and painful. This 10 rabbis will stay anonymous and behind-the-scenes and the dirty 33 will not have where to run when the s**t hits the fan!
 Time is ticking and judgment day is sneaking up on us!


  1. Nuchem,you don't fool anyone,we all know that the author of this blog is none other but YOU.
    please,please,stop this idiotic childish play,
    you are only hurting yourself,and making a fool out of yourself

  2. Ha ha! Tell me the truth, author of this blog: did you post that anonymous comment for comic relief? Thanks, whoever did!