Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ברוך אתה ה' אלוהינו ........שלא עשני סקווירא

Ladies and Gentleman,
The following is the number of the Federal Government in the Southern District (1-877-363-4723). Please use it to request the full Federal resources to investigate David twersky (AKA Squarer Rabbi) and his blind followers.
Request your government to turn over every stone and to do an unbiased examination of the nazi-Style tactics by the Square regime.
Before you make this phone call, be aware of the following 2 points.
1.       This is a secure Government hotline, you don’t have to give your name or info, and don’t be intimidated by any New Square official. You are a USA citizen not a NEW Square citizen. The Government has an obligation to keep you safe and must follow up your complaints.
2.       This is not a “Va’ad Hatznius” hotline. This is a Federal government line. Don’t risk it by making phoney calls and statements which you might regret later. In other words: To you “Square chamoirem” that want to educate the Feds how holy your rabbi is, don’t do it and don’t think you’re calling bank leumi and yell in the phone  Shame on you Zionist!  Use your brains.
Make a stand and demand from your federal government that they should get involved, investigate it and protect you. Request that rabbi Twersky should get treated like an ordinary citizen with no golden gloves! If you know of any wrong-doing or involvement by your NEW Square officials, don’t hesitate and tell your government about it.
May God help us all, watch over us and help us to rid ourselves of these Twersky’s YM”S and all extreme Taliban-style molesters, abusers and capos.

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