Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Lebowitz PR firm in full swing

I have in my hand, Black-on-white evidence that the off-springs of the mega-menuvel Baruch lebowitz, have contacted Joe Levin and bartered with him to post an article against Rabbi Nuchem Shlit”a.
Under normal circumstances, I would not even lower myself to discuss it or even pay attention to it, but I decided to respond to it and show you what they call Das-Torah and what they don’t. They play the public like fools and are still under the illusion that people will buy their crap and people will somehow think that their convicted-molester father is entirely innocent.
Let’s get to it, and see what their strategy is and what their tactics are and why they are putting themselves into a deeper hole every single day.
Let’s back track for a minute and recap where we are standing now. Their precious hero Baruch Lebowitz was convicted in a court of law of molesting little boys and received 32 years in prison. Why did he receive such a harsh punishment? For one reason! He played the Judge for a fool. He played the court for a fool. He ended up playing himself for a fool.
Just a month ago, his lawyers got him a 120-Day furlough on grounds of tempering with a witness. (I will not get into this particular story right now, since there is going to be major breaking news regarding this whole arrest and regarding the behind-the-scene politics that happened.
Common sense would dictate that after such a miserable approach to the original trial that the Lebowitz group would finally understand that their approach was wrong and you can’t fight the system with lies and fabricated stories. They should also realize that when you are caught with a crime, you say “I am Sorry” and cut your losses.
We have also reliable sources that confirm to us that within the Lebowitz family itself, there is a conflict among kids of the molester and the brothers of the molester. The brothers of Baruch are not very happy with the advice that Baruch Lebowitz got from his kids. They recognize that Baruch should’ve pleaded guilty and said sorry and this would’ve been long over with.
The kids however, are still strong, naïve and steadfast and keep telling the father to not waiver anything and keep denying everything.
Why are they so persistent about it? Why do they keep fighting so much, knowing that the other way around would’ve only gotten  him 3 years and now that are dealing with 32 years? Very simple! They could not care less if their father sits in jail for 80 years, they are more worried with their own prestige in the community and after all they are typical “lebowitzes” and they rather have their father rot in prison for 32 years and still deny it, than plead guilty and only do 3 years in prison. This is a mentality that makes no sense, unless you know how a Lebowits thinks.
However, they just realized another major problem. Their father is out of prison for 120 days, and they tried to hype up the community “Look, he is out, he is not guilty” or “See, we told you he is innocent” and NO ONE BUYS IT! The first day everyone was excited, but it quickly went away, and the community is going back to the same  as before “We know he is a molester, but 3 years is enough” and people didn’t change their mind because they always knew he is a chazir. So now the Lebowitz’s have a major problem on their hand. They don’t care if papa Lebowitz is out or not, they just don’t want to be known as the kids of the molester, and now all of a sudden after such hard work of getting him out – Millions of dollars for lawyers and attorneys, and STILL the community is not buying our Bull Shit! They can’t handle the pain!
So they have lowered themselves to even a lower step. They approached a site with the name “Tuches of the Tisch” and asked him to start posting garbage against Rabbi Nuchem. Here is the deal; the post is nothing new it is full of “we are endorsed by rabbi’s” which of course they don’t put up one name. It is also full with “Coming soon we will expose Rabbi Rosenberg” and of course they have been using the “Coming soon” for 2 years and it never comes. Obviously they have nothing on the holy Rabbi Nuchem, because there is nothing on him and they have been strictly talk even when they had the previous failed blog it was nothing but illussions and a whole lot of “Coming soon”
Interesting enough, this Joe Levin guy is following Rabbi Nuchems blog and the Awareness center blog for a while and has been reporting all kind of abuse in the community for a while and also been reporting a lot of stories that the community would not go for, however when someone with a couple of dollars approaches, it’s very easy to change style and blogs. What a joke that blog is.
The Lebowitz's are under the impression that one silly blog will show for the judges and lawyers that the community is not with rabbi Nuchem. What they don’t realize is that rabbi Nuchem has 40,000 listeners, followers, and thousands of support-phone-calls every single week. Furthermore they don’t realize that I myself have been contacted by two rabbis that signed that isolation against the rabbi and they told me ON-THE-RECORD that they regret it and they were uninformed at the time and just went on the word of a couple indviduals.
I hope they continue posting on that “Tuches-Of-The-tish blog” it makes my life much easier because they themselves destroy themselves and I don’t have to be busy with them. How cool is that, I was recently thinking: maybe I should write an article about Lebowitz and educate everyone about him? But we have God on our side and he made it easy for me, he had the Lebowits family themselves do it for me.
If anyone ever wondered if rabbi nuchem has “Siyata D’shmiya” from hashem, wonder no more. Only God can do it to have the family of the molester describe it themselves  do a better job than I could’ve ever done it.
I can’t wait to get the first comment telling me that it is clear that I am Rabbi Nuchem and what a terrible end I will have. Without even looking I know already that IP address from the sign store, and yes I promise I will post it, I love having interaction with you.

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  1. Doresh el HaMeisimMay 22, 2011 at 9:56 AM

    Now we know where their heads are, they are sitting on them "Ofen Tish".