Monday, May 30, 2011

Public Relations at its worst

The new-Square public relations propaganda has officially begun and I will expose to you their thinking and their typical “new-Square-Style” tactics.

Before we get to the PR tactics, let’s get some facts straight. New-Square has as of yet not made an official apology about this story to the media, to the family and to klal yisroel. They have not condemned this boy by name ONCE! They have not speciffacly mentioned this story to the point, the rabbi has mentioned it to a couple of 18-year-old boys and also not condemned it or spoke out about it, he merely mentioned that the sick people should get healed and we should be good citizens. (Mind you, this came 5 days later, after the Government announced that they want to interview him).

Bottom line, New-Square realized that in the media they are done, they have been exposed and no matter how they twist it, no one pays attention to them. So they started a new smear campaign. They are going to work on the “conscious” of the Jewish people, because that always works, and here it is:

David Twersky - Rabbi of  New Square
 They put out a letter appealing to the Jewish frum community, that if we don’t protect the Grand Rabbi of Square, this could be very dangerous to Jewish generations, because the government will intervene and no Rabbi will have a say in the future regarding Jewish rules and regulations.
Unfortunately, some in our community are very gullible and they take everything for face value, and New-Square is counting on that and hopes to get your pity and misguidance to cover up their regime. But let me explain how far their manipulation works. They will do anything and everything to undermine everything humanity stands for.

 Practicing religion in the USA has never been so easy and permitted since the creation of the world. You can practice and worship anything you feel like it. There are a million (L’havdil) different types of cults in the USA and no one says boo, as long as you don’t torch people, don’t burn people and don’t kill anyone.

STOP THE SCARE TACTICS and stop fantasizing. No one has ever bothered you from practicing your religion and they still are not bothering you of doing so. They just bother you when you try to kill a person for merely not praying in your shul. Don’t confuse the two, and don’t fake this big hysteria as you care for the existence of Jewish law. You are not fooling anyone, and no one is buying your bull-shit. You have gotten away with your NON-TORAH style of Nazi regime for years, this is not the first time New-Square has been in the news, and not even the 20th time, you have been making a chillul hashem for the past 10 years and now you pushed the envelope to far and you got caught. So don’t play the game as you are worried for Klal Yisroel BALONEY ON RYE! You are merely scared because they finally caught you and the feds are getting involved.

Ladies and gentleman, I beg you! Don’t believe a word this Germany-Style regime is trying to sell you. They could not care less about klal Yisroel, they could not care less about anything but to cover their asses. They have been working over that community for years, brainwashed them for decades, and been an Iranian-style regime ever since this rabbi took over the helm. They are guilty as charged, and it is high-time that the USA government protects these prisoners in that community.

I had the opportunity to speak with a couple of residence in New Square this past week, and it took me hours to convince that they are safe to talk with me, and when they were convinced they told me of the horror this community leadership has done to them.

The best thing that could happen is that the Federal government cleans house there and lets the people of New Square breath freely. They are living there just like the people under Saddam Hussein that used to praise him 24-7 and the minute he was killed; they all came out of the closet and told about years of torture and suffering.

Another thing they are trying to sell us is that we don’t understand the mentality of a 18 year old “Chassidishe boy” he didn’t really mean it, he just acted like a little kid out of loyalty to his Rabbi.
Are you kidding me? Is someone buying that? Do you think we are that naïve? Next time a 18-year-old boy sells drugs to your child or rapes your 17-year-old girl, please don’t make a big deal out of it, he is “only” a 18 year old boy not knowing exactly what he is doing.

I am asking you again and again, don’t let then get away with it, don’t buy their BS. They have been doing it all along and that’s how they get away with it always. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

It is our responsibility as Jewish people to protect these people in New Square that live under a Nazi-Style regime and are scared to speak up. Let’s protect them from this evil leadership and let’s keep this issue on the front-burner until Justice is completely served and the leaders that have tortured this community get what they deserve.

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