Monday, May 30, 2011

Heart Breaking

The following is part of a discussion with Rabbi Rothenberg as he is resting in his bed in tremendous pain.

For those who don’t understand Yiddish , he basically says: Keep going to the Nursing home shul (outside of new Square), because the elderly and sick people in there, are looking forward to visitors and that’s all they got going for them.

He does not mention anything that was done to him, he shows no anger or badmouthing anyone and unlike the new Square leadership he is full of class and acts like a total professional.

You guys in new Square can take a lesson from this man and see what the definition of “manners” mean.

I know what you are saying, “His lawyer told him what to do”, that is very possible but still he could’’ve still taken some cheap shots but instead chose the high road, unlike how you scumbags went on the offense from the very first second.

Shame on you again and again

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