Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So pathetic – it’s scary

All my dear readers know that I am a Chassidic Jew that lives in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY. The only reason I am “anonymous” is because I am scared for my life, my children’s life and for the lash back and retaliation I will get from the “community”.

The “New Square Terror” story confirmed my fears and proved to me that indeed my concerns are real and we are dealing with the most extreme “Jewish Taliban” group, and nothing is off limits. The fact that Rabbi Nuchem was shot in the head years back, was proof that we are dealing with the filthiest and lowest scum on earth, but this incident actually sealed the deal.
I must repeat this point again and again! God bless Rabbi Nuchem for all he does! From the bottom of my heart, I wonder out aloud, where does this holy man get the energy, the guts and motivation to go on with his holy war? Where does a man get the inspiration to do this NON-STOP every single day? Where does a man get the strength to stand up to death threats and to the abuse that he receives EVERY SINGLE DAY?
I had the honor – not too long ago - of following Rabbi Nuchem for a couple of days and accompany him on some of his missions. Ladies and gentleman, I just don’t know how he does it, don’t know how a human being from flesh and blood has the energy to NEVER GIVE UP. I posed the question to the Rabbi himself, and he - so nonchalant - told me “What can I do, I want a clean community – I am fighting for the future generations”
We have all started a new job in our lives, we have all started new projects in our lives, and human nature gets you excited for the first couple of weeks, and then you calm down and reality hits, and your exciting project is either forgotten or become a burden on you. NOT RABBI NUCHEM! He wakes up every morning and goes to work FOR US as this is his first day on a new job.
Just to give you an example! This week alone, the rabbi drove up to Canada on Sunday was there for a day, and came back on Monday night (Did not get a penny for this trip, he did it to help out a community with a mikvah) Tuesday he drove up to Albany to attend a meeting regarding the Gay-Marriage-law (No other prominent rabbi was there to voice his displeasure with the pending law – Did not get money for this trip either) Today he met with federal prosecutors regarding issues with the Lebowits case, and afterwards drove up to meet people regarding the New-Square incident.
I want you to read the following article - taken from  as they reported from the press conference – and then I will continue with my explanation of the issue
New Square burn victim's family shouted down at press conference
NEW SQUARE — A press conference held today by family members of a man badly burned in an arson attack turned into a shouting match when a village man called the family's lawyer an anti-Semite for going against the grand rabbi.
At the press conference held in front of Aron Rottenberg's Truman Avenue home, attorney Michael Sussman said the 43-year-old plumber was targeted with protests by the village Hasidic Jewish community's leadership for not praying in grand rabbi David Twersky's synagogue . Sussman called for state and federal investigations into the arson attack Sunday that left Rottenberg severly burned.
Rottenberg's son Jacob, 21, said he had spent the evening of the attack nervously watching the security camera he had installed a week earlier after threatening phone calls.
Jacob Rottenberg said the suspect, Shaul Spitzer, 18, of Adams Lane, had approached the home wearing a scarf over his face. The two men were injured when Rottenberg tried to remove the scarf.
Aron Rottenberg's son-in-law, Moshe Elbaum, was interrupted several times at the press conference by village resident Shulem Sofar.
Sofar refuted the family's claims and during a heated exchange said Sussman was "anti-semitic ." When Elbaum asked what his father-in-law had done wrong, Shulem replied: "It's the wrong thing to do against the rabbi."
Aron Rottenberg suffered third-degree burns across 50 percent of his body during Sunday's attack. He underwent skin grafts Tuesday at the Westchester Medical Center.
Ramapo police charged Spitzer with felony counts second-degree attempted murder, first-degree attempted arson and first-degree assault.
Spitzer, who worked in the grand rabbi's house and is a cousin of the village deputy mayor, was released Tuesday evening from custody after his family and community members posted $300,000 bail.
They posted cash and a bank check with the court, District Attorney Thomas Zugibe said today. Zugibe said the case will be brought before the grand jury.
He remains in the Cornell Medical Center burn unit in Manhattan for severe burns on his hands and arms he suffered during the attack.
Ladies and gentleman, I think the article speaks for itself. The lawyer was interrupted multiple times and quote " you are an anti-Semite" and by "It's the wrong thing to do against the rabbi."
Are these people stupid, dumb or great actors? Are they for real? Are they that brainwashed in thinking that the right thing was done here? Are you kidding me?
What the hell is going on here? What has happened to us? WHERE THE HELL IS ONE SINGLE RABBI THREE DAYS AFTER THIS GERMAN-NAZI-STYLE EVENT? Why is no one speaking out against violence? I know they are busy with Iris’s store on Lee Ave that’s selling wigs and make-up for the ladies, and I respect the fact that that is way more important than the New-Square debacle!
Rabbi nuchem, promise us you will never give up your fight or we are done! There is no doubt in me that one day you will lose your life for your cause  and I am asking you to sacrifice a lot for your cause, but Rabbi, KLAL YISROEL needs you in the worst possible way. There is no one left if you don’t speak out. Let me repeat, there was an attempted murder in out Chassidic community, and there is no Rabbi to be found? What else can I say? What else can ANYONE say?

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  1. truly spoken from the heart i fully agree with you

    R' Nochem is a Tzadik for doing this and his work is priceless