Monday, May 2, 2011

I am doing a 360 – Party Time.

After the latest arrest of “Alleged-molester” Gelbman and after the 120-day furlough Convicted molester Lebowitz got and the entire community came to visit the holy Kamarna Rabbi and after all the recent stories of many community big shots (i.e. Webberman, etc.) I think I am changing my attitude and approach and I am doing a 360 on this entire molestation issue.
I think all the videos of the schools should be taken out, The mikvahs should be open with no guards, the ladies-shul should be open during Shabbos-by-Mincha (with the lights closed), we should sign a petition and beg the Judge to let jerry Brauner stay in the community, Petition the Bobov Yeshiva to never fire Mr. Greenfield and so on and on.
It’s obvious that our community loves molestation on many levels. So let’s support  it and get used to this life style. Let’s respect the wish of the people.
First - the fathers never report when their kids are molested, so they can do a shidduch 10 years later. Forget the fact, that these kids will be screwed for life, that’s not important as long as it’s under the rug and no one knows about it.
Second - The community keeps protecting and supporting the molesters while they torture the victims. The rabbis protect them as well. A teacher or Rabbi has no shot of getting fired after he is caught (Sometimes they do – but are rehired as soon as the statute of limitation runs out).
Third – We finally get lucky and we find a man who is willing to take it on the chin for the sake of the children; Willing to take a bullet in the head for the sake of safe streets; Willing to forfeit any kind of a normal life style for the sake of future generations; Willing to take constant abuse and mistreatment for speaking the truth, and what happens to him? He is labeled a “Man in Chirem”!  Go ask any Rabbi that signed that piece of toilet paper, why is rabbi Rosenberg in Cheirem? He will not be able to pin point it to you, it will go something like this “He is not a good example for our community” –  “He is not listening to the rabunimm” - “He is a Musir a Sheigats a Manivel”   Great! Can you give me an example of what exactly he did?  This is where they all draw a blank or say “ I rather not discuss it. So I follow up with another question. Assuming he is all the above, isn’t cheirem saved for the worst of the worst? Is he the worst in the community for trying to make sure that 12 year olds are not taken to hotels and being mishandled like trash?  And this is where the conversation always ends.
Bottom line it is clear that molestation is no big deal in this community, so I decided I will open a GAY Bar and club on Lee Ave this coming summer and let us live our life style out of the closet! Why hide it in 2011? Why not be proud of what we believe in? Why make it difficult for our fellow brothers, going to  a mikvah and looking for kids, there will be a bar on the main avenue in Williamsburg and people can come alone or with their kids and live a proud gay life style and a NAMBLA way of life and we will all be happy forever after!
We will have security from the couple of idiots like Rabbi Rosenberg who still believe in morality, principals, standards and decency and let the good times roll!


  1. Your intentions are noble, but a Gay Bar and Club just won't cut it. We the People of Brooklyn demand an Chassidishe Boys Escort Service. Nothing less will suffice.

  2. (perhaps you should label this "satire". You *know* many people will think you're serious.

    @ YW - indeed.

  3. You mean a 180. A 360 takes you back to where you were.