Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New-Square at its best


We have just received a confirmation from a high-ranking official on the condition of anonymity, that there is a warrant issued for a very close relative to David Twersky YM”S. We cannot release any names yet, but the ball is rolling in the right direction B’Ezrat hashem

Oh my God, what a chillul hashem they are making. In the Jewish history, this incident definitely ranks in the top 5 disgraceful stories of ALL-TIME.

This idiot Shalom Sofer didn’t help the issue either. What an absolute moron of a human that creature is.

Watch this first video of the brainwashed scumbag and then watch the 2nd and 3rd videos to see how this brave woman Mrs. Ruth Rottenberg,and her son and Son-in-law courageously speak to the media and recall the pain they are suffering in this Soviet-Union village called New Square.

Bravo to the kids of the victim for their brave stance standing up to this Nazi regime. The good news is that the rabbi will be personally interviewed by the Feds very soon

We also have confirmation from a reliable source that the USA Government have received over 4,000 calls so far requesting that they get involved and help clean up the filth in that despicable community.


  1. 6000 + people cant all be crazy, have you ever taken into account that there is no more room for the new families to move into new square..obviously no one is moving out it can't be all that glee in such episodes and condemn a whole group of jews because your the smartest person who understands..wait and see ?????

  2. To the last commenter, let me educate you a bit. I live in the shtetel and you can’t sell me the crap. More than 50% of the residence in New Square don’t like the rabbi, and don’t like the leaders, but they are not ready to get burned like it just happened this week.

    You can sell that garbage to the outside world, not to me. The Rabbi is a nothing but a Hitler. He was always like this and the way his kids behave, it seems that the tradition will continue forever.

    A million people live in China; it can’t be that bad, right? We live there and we swallow our pride and make believe we are followers, but in our hearts, we despise it.

  3. Firstly, i doubt that you live in square town ns people dont write like you do.You calling the rebbie names shows me that your an impostor, and don't even represent yourself, i happen to have cousins who moved away from NS and live as free as they feel like dont talk about 50% of the people.