Thursday, May 26, 2011

How are the New-Square-leadership responding?

I would like to concentrate in this article on the responds and reaction of the new-Square leadership. What’s their position? What do they really think of what happened? Are they sorry? Are they scared? Are they worried? Are they happy? What do they say in private compared to what they say in public?
We have lots of inside information on leadership-meetings, but in order not to blow the cover of our “Inside informant” we will hold back with some stuff, and will only concentrate on some responses and reactions.
(I have posted a picture of the Uni-Bomber Saul Spitzer, so you can see the lechtige face of this murderer!

The scum - Shaul Spitzer

The Initial reaction
Within 24-Hours of this terrible tragedy, there were flyers all over town of New Square proclaiming that the man that was burned was not of the best quality. The main points of the letter were:

1.       He had marriage problems, his wife wanted to leave him, and only the community leaders saved the marriage years ago.
2.       The man is not really religious, he never cared what his kids look like, and there for his kids look the way they do (off the Chasidic way).
3.       While his father passed away, he did not say “Kadish” for his father and didn’t daven at all.
Before I even attempt to digest this garbage and explain the absolute bull shit of this leadership, may I just say: How dare you? How to you come across knocking a man when he is down? How dare you attempt (Of course it back fired) to cover your ass, by putting the spotlight on this man that is fighting for his life? Hey, I should not really expect better, it is New Square after all.
Let me concentrate on point #2 (The marriage problem point is complete hogwash. It is perfectly normal in every marriage that a couple will have a shaky time and a communication problem, and people go for help and work through it. In the secular world you actually go to therapy prior to the marriage as a precaution to communication).
First of all, the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Eilbaum don’t wear the Square'r garb is neither a bad thing nor a sign that they are not good observing Jews.  They live a kosher house and they are a Torah-Observing couple that decided to stay away from the upbringing they got in Square (Who can really blame them) and lead a different lifestyle.
I would dare to say that Mr. Eilbaum is a full Shomer Torah U’mitzvos and lead a much nicer life then plenty Chassidim that wear a hat, a long coat and even “Boots”.
The even deeper problem here is how leadership thinks and reacts. Instead of reacting with a condemn letter and asking all the students to do a 24-hour tehillim marathon, they were able to come up with this letter as their first response! Unreal! Unbelievable! Unimaginable!
Their first reaction was not to worry about the victim (five days later It still is not)or to make sure that the victim gets good doctors, good service and that the victims son get emotional help and therapy. Instead, they want you to know that he had marriage problems and his kids are not wearing the “Square L’vish”.

The Second reaction
There was NO second reaction. While Jews all over the world requested their congregants to say tehillim and to pray for Mr. Rothenberg, in New-Square though, that was not the case. The silence was deafening and ear splitting. Not once did you care what will happen to the victim, all you worried about is - Is the Rabbi in trouble? How do we do damage-control? How do we force our residence not to talk about it? You guys have not changed a bit and never will change.

I also wonder who put up the 300,000 dollars for Shaul Spitzer in such quick order? When the Judge demanded 300k bail for this murderer Spitzer, it took less than one hour and the bailiff received 300,000 dollars in cash and Bank checks.  Hmmmmmm, I wonder who put up that money, since he acted on his own.

I want to give special thanks for the former New-Square resident Mr. Lipa for having the decency to go visit Mr. Rothenberg and giving him support and courage. Rabbi Twersky, it would be nice if you show some manners


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