Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Square you did it!

Records are meant to be broken! When a baseball player hits in 70 consecutive games, they congratulate him and wait for 20 years until someone hits in 71 games. Some records though are not expected to be broken. For example: There is one pitcher that pitched back-to-back no hitters, and the professional sports writers predict that no one will ever ever pitch THREE  consecutive no-hitters, it’s just too hard!
Ladies and gentleman, it is well known in the entire world that Jews (Especially Religious Jews) live a sheltered life, a Torah life and have special values. Along with special values, there are always unfortunate incidents that are violations of our laws, and people understand that these things happen and there are always bad apples in a community and it does not reflect badly on an entire community.
The only exception to the rule is two things.
1.  Murder 2. Pedophilia
Murder and pedophilia are two crimes that does not receive any mercy from anyone in the world and there is absolute no if’s and’s or But’s! When someone is arrested for stealing from the Government, he gets another chance. When someone is arrested for any kind of crime, he gets a chance to make amend and to prove that it was a “mistake” and he will be an abiding citizen from now on. But when someone rapes and molests a child or he / she murder someone, there are no second chances; it’s ONE STRIKE AND YOU ARE OUT!
Since the beginning of times, those where the true sign of a religious Jew. No one was ever scared of a Jewish man (even a crook) that he will murder him or rape him. They might have not trusted him with money or business dealings, but they drew the line and knew that a Jewish block is a safe block and a jewish heart is a generous and humane soul and when you are lost anywhere in the world and you see a Jewish man, you can safely walk over to him and ask for help. When you are stuck on the highway, you are scared when a person stops, thinking: Who knows if he will kill me or hurt me. But when a Jewish man stops on the highway, you are thrilled to pieces.
CONGRATULATIONS NEW SQUARE for taking these away from us as well! You have broken the record and you will forever be credited with it! New Square specializes in the above two characters. Murder and Pedophilia. Well done boys, you should be proud that you broke the barrier, cut the thick red ribbon and now we have no character to our existence.  We are now as the rest of the world.
Hooray to us!

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