Friday, May 6, 2011

The clock is ticking.

It is no secret that molestations and rape in our community has been going on for the past 50 years without any interference. The molesters had an open field and an open range. There was no shame into it, there was no embarrassment to be a molester and you were able to be a molester and still be a “respected” community member.

There is also no secret that Rabbi nuchem accomplished in 2 years, what no one was willing to do in the last 50 years. He came out with the facts, he exposed the hypocrisy, and he took on “head-on” with the biggest sharks in our community.

Common sense indicates, that rabbi Nuchem should’ve had a street named after him or at least, given a plaque to recognize his bravery.  But instead, we all know what he got. He got a bullet in his head, and a life of suffering.

I have taken it upon myself to right the wrong and to fix the insincerity and disgrace thrown upon this hero.

I have compiled, arranged and signed up ten respected people in the community and off-the-record deliberated this disgrace.  All of them were in agreement that Rabbi Nuchem is a hero and he is the sole man responsible for a clean community.

On “Isru Chag Shavous” we are going to put in Cheirem all the people that signed the “Cheirem” against Rabbi Nuchem.

These 10 people are top-notch scholars that are dedicated to Torah and holiness. These are not just 10 bodies; these are 10 of the most respected people in the community and people that are unlike these rabbis’ that are being paid by the community and scared for their own skin. These are real top-notch Torah-observing  humans.

The facts will speak for itself. Chazal teach us and warn us the consequences of a man that is put in cheirem, they don’t end up very nicely. The mere fact that Rabbi Nuchem is striving and moving ahead is a testimony for itself that the Lag-lag cheirem is insignificant and worthless.  However the cheirem we are doing this coming Isru chag IY’H will HIT ITS SPOT!

Chazal teach us that we must warn before we punish. Let this be an official warning to these 33 “so-called-Rabbis” The game is over and time has come to stand behind your action.

You “Dirty-33” know full well that this cheirem was done with absolute no Torah authority or rightness.  We on the other hand will do this cheirem with full force and follow it to its core.

Listen up clearly dirty-33!

Unlike your toilet-paper-cheirem, this cheirem will hit the spot and when God punishes you and treats you the way he said he will treat people in your position, you will have nowhere to run! It will be too late, the cheirem will be sealed and delivered and you will not know where to turn. Keep laughing now, but it won’t be very funny for too much longer.

You have until Shavous to distance yourself from the dirty-33 and publicly announce your position! Time is running out and the clock is ticking


  1. it is very obvious that the author of this blog is non other than Nuchem Rosenberg,now don't get me wrong Nuchem,i fully support what you are doing,but please cut out this childish MESHUGAS of opening a blog under an asumed name,and praising yourself all day,you are fooling no one,and you are only hurting your own cause.
    please,please cut it out,you are just embarrasing yourself

  2. Gam ani mitz'taref!

    Hakudesh/Hakuten Yoily Weiss

  3. You are doing a tremendos job. We have a group called with over 600 members that are fed up with the community.

    We did a poll and more than 50% were molested as a child.

    So you got my support and hope you can lock up every molester.

  4. your chariem requires hashems approval, and since you dont believe in the trusted god, your chariem has 1/1000 chance to make it. I would love to see the undersigned on your chariem, as you know it will never happen. Obvious the chariem put out on muchem is pretty effective and will remain there until he parts us, unless he repents and apologizes to all the rabbonim who he called names and was mevaza on his sick hotline. Its us against the Bilum..waiting for the winner.

  5. To the previous commenter:

    It really is no big deal to get a better bunch than the cheirem signed against Rabbi Nuchem. There is not one ehrlicher Yid on the cheirem, started with Mendele Teitelbaum that sprayed his sperm all over the walls in Stamar yeshiva , all the way down to every single low-life on that Kol Koreh.

    It’s truly a joke and an embarrassment to Klal yisroel if those bums represent our community and our voices.

    Us, however have gathered 10 top-notch yiden with a “rabbi” title next to their name. Just 10 good quality crème-a la-crème of our generation, and this cheirem will work wait and see my friend.

    As you can see, YOUR cheirem didn’t work at all! The only ones suffering, are the ones that signed it, so that alone speaks volume about the two-cents its worth!