Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rabbi Nuchem at his best

Ladies and Gentleman, I had the opportunity and the privileges to join hundreds of community members at the hearing of butcher Levi Aaron earlier today. It was an amazing show of unity and harmony for the whole world to see. Among the people that were there was Rabbi Nuchem, as he is a regular by hearings of all molesters and abusers, and this one was no different.

Rabbi Nuchem also attracted the media as he so eloquently explained to them the issues and problems our community endures from. I stood there for about an hour and absorbed two amazing things.

Number one: I watched for awhile how the media was interacting with Rabbi Nuchem, they asked the questions, they wanted answers and they understood his points. They did not just listened and reported, they actually challenged him and the Rabbi answered them and they had follow-up questions and it went back and forth until they understood the mission of the Rabbi, his outrage, his point of view and the battle he fights for us.

As the Rabbi spoke to the media there was an individual from our community that tried to interrupt him, and the media asked him why he was against this Rabbi? Of course he could not answer except to say  “he tell lie”  “He lie” “He wrong” and basically made a fool out of himself.

It was no big deal, because the Rabbis in our community also don’t know the reason why Rabbi Nuchem is wrong. They cant give you a straight answer, They cant give you a reason why he is in isolation and not one of them is willing to speak out about it. I challenged almost every single Rabbi that signed against Rabbi Nuchem to debate me with Rabbi Nuchem, to debate me without Rabbi Nuchem, to make a statement on what their stance is on molestation in our community and of course I am still waiting for a straight answer (To the credit of two Rabbis, they told me that they feel bad that they signed it without investigating it first and they were pressured to do so - But are still scared to publicly acknowledge it).

What I do wonder however, is how everyone behind these cameras understood and all the reporters understood and comprehended the problem we have in our community, while our Rabbis refuse to acknowledge that they are lost and have no clue what’s going on here. Furthermore, the rabbis know exactly the issues in our community, they know exactly that the molesters are roaming our streets uncontested, but they wear their blinders with pride!

Number Two: I observed people walking over to Rabbi Nuchem and saying Thank you. I saw men and women from different communities walk by the Rabbi and shake his hand. I still have hope that we will have a clean community one day! I still have hope that the hard work Rabbi Nuchem has been doing for close to 10 years, will pay off! I still believe that very soon, the community will stand up and tell the Rabbis to jump in the lake and take back the streets themselves!

I urge each and every one of you to call Rabbi Nuchem’s hotline at 951 – 262 – 3714 #25 and you will hear from the Rabbi himself a recap of today’s action.
My message to all our “Rabbis” Shape up or ship out!  The community is waking up and the tide is shifting! Your bluff is exposed and your Bull Shit is open to see!

By the way: I still didn’t get an answer what did Levy Aaron do much worst than Baruch Lebowitz, Jerry Brauner, The Dym Brothers, Mondrowitz, Kolko, Daskalowitz, Abramson, Sabo and all these other scumbags?   Feel free to educate me…. I am waiting!


  1. Levi Aaron didn't leave a kid suffering for dozens of years!