Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Times are changing

It seems as the work of Rabbi Nuchem is finally making a dent in our community and the word “Molestation” or “rape” is finally a word that people pay attention to.

I was excited to see that the two most popular Jewish news sites in our community are reporting incidents and breaking news of these cases. Both, VIN news ( ) and TLJ news ( have shifted and started reporting these despicable stories and they both deserve credit.

I am referring to the story of a Teaneck, NJ Rabbi that was just arrested for molestation with kids from Israel that lived by him. This kind of molestation is the worst mistrust possible. Parents send their kids to a Rabbi and put the trust in a man that is supposed to be on a higher and better level than us, and have their hearts broken by a scumbag like that. That is the worst pain for a parent and the biggest mental breakdown for the victim.
How do you trust a human after the Rabbi molested you? How do you move ahead in life? How do you continue with anything when every teacher will bring out the worst memories in you?
Rabbi Nuchem has always put the biggest focus and attention on the Rabbis in our schools, and for good reason. The only Difference between our community and Teaneck NJ is, that they ionvolved the authorities while we let our rabbis go on forever.

Rabbi Unger from Bobov refuses to get rid of David Greenfield. This teacher is still in charge of 30 kids every single day, while he has molested tens of kids in the past. Even now while he is waiting his punishment from the US courts, he is still receiving a pay check and teaching in the Bobov School
SHAME ON YOU, Rabbi Unger!

The rest of the schools are not too far behind, as they are still not willing to take every measure of protection against our jewels, our future, our “everything”.

Thank God we have Rabbi Nuchem that fights for us, thank God that we have a man that somehow never gives up, Thank God that we have a voice and a man of courage that just keeps going.

Let us count our blessing, God help us what we would do without him.

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  1. did you notice,VIN only mentions the modern orthodox molestors from teaneck,but would never ever mention the ten's of chasidic molestors