Friday, August 26, 2011

New York Attitude – New York Chickens

I just got off the phone with a heimishe woman in Australia, and got a pin-point report on Rabbi Nuchem’s trip.

Let me quote this woman’s exact quote “Rabbi Nuchem was treated like a rock-star”

Rabbi Nuchem made an historic trip to Australia and the crowds went wild, they engaged in conversation, they listened to his speeches and they enjoyed a spiritual week they won’t forget for a while.

I am not here to repeat every little detail, you can hear that on the Rabbis blog and you can hear the details from the Rabbi himself. But I do want to educate the NY rabbis (Yes, I said educate) and expose the attitude and bluff we are surrounded with in New York.

The community there is just as bright as we are, just as smart as we are and just as educated as we are, never the less, they all came together and listened to the Rabbi and to his speeches. Why did they come? because they have the same problems we do, and they want to know how to deal with it and they want to better themselves and they want to have a clean community.

They don’t have the attitude “who is nuchem to listen to” Who needs this American rabbi. They knew that they are willing to do anything they can, to protect their kids, their streets, their schools and their community.

The same scene repeats itself everywhere in the Jewish communities all over the USA where the Rabbi preaches his heart-felt speeches and educates communities all through the USA.. The Rabbi Has attracted crowds in almost every USA State over the years and been invited to come back again and again
The only place where the Rabbi is not welcomed is the “Chassidishe crowd” in NYC. Why IS that? Why don’t we want to listen to him? What are we afraid of? Why are we so scared of this isolated man? Why not just ignore this silly man?

It’s all in the attitude! Its all in the fear these rabbis throw on the community, and let me explain.

The Rabbis here ( I crinch every time I must call David Eichenstein or Mendel Teitelbaum and similar garbage “Rabbi”) have two things going for them.

1. They got the worst attitude in the world. They will never listen to someone other than them. Because they are holy people, they are the best-of-the-best, and who are they to listen to little Nuchem Rosenberg?

The funny part is, that they are so full of it, that they are actually convincing themselves that they are actually good people. David Eichenstien actually thinks that he is one of the Tzadikkim of this generation. How deep in hell are we!

This rabbunim are so crooked and so off the real path, that it is so scary. It is so sad that we as people in the community let them get away with it and are scared to open our mouths. In Australia, no one cared that Rabbi Beck was not happy that Rabbi Nuchem was there, they laughed at him and decided to show up so they can learn something. But here in NY we don’t have the guts they have, obviously!

2. The Rabbis lead the cast of pedophiles in our community, so they will do everything in their power to shut Rabbi nuchem up!

They cannot afford to let the community hear what Rabbi Nuchem is saying, because they are done and exposed. Little do they know that everyone listens to rabbi Nuchem, and the hotlines have more phone calls every week that all these Rabunnims synagogue members combined.

Raboisai, I will say it until I am blue in my face. MAKE A STAND FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR KIDS! Take action or your kid might be the next Leiby Kletzky. Everything Rabbi Nuchem has been telling us, happened in the community. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

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