Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The new season is here

Remeber him? there are plenty more on our
streets and we do nothing about it. SHAME ON US!
When the unfortunate “Leiby Kletzky” saga happened, the community was outraged and crowds were in heated discussions on how we must change and we must educate and we must we must and we must.

Well, ladies and gentleman the new winter season is almost here, the kids are starting to come home from the camps, the streets are slowly starting to fill up. 

I would like to know which yeshiva hired counselors or brought in a professional to get going and start educating the students, the Rabbis and the principals of the schools.  Which Talmid torah is still in the mode we were 6 weeks ago at the time of the tragedy and will do what we all said will be done when Kletzky was murdered.

Raboisai. We must demand from our schools that they follow up on this tragedy and do something about it. Remember how we felt that day, remember how we were sure that day that things will finally change.  WE MUST follow up and we must make a stand and make sure that this brutal killing does not go to waste.

As things look right now, this innocent little boy’s killing did nothing but lined the pockets of some con artist’s opportunist that worked on our emotions and got us to donate money. We don’t know where the money went, we don’t know what it accomplished and we really don’t care. All we want is that this does not happen again, and as of right now, nothing is done about it.
Since the days of this terrible murder, the news has been full of stories with molesters, abusers and pedophiles. Now its starting to be standard news, just like when you see in the papers that a man was stabbed on the subway, you just read it, shake your head and move on. Rape, incest and abuse is starting to be the same reaction in our community, you read it, you shake your head and just go on.

Where is the outrage we felt the day Kletzky was cut up in pieces? Where is the outrage we promised ourselves to finally change? Where is the promises we said “NO MORE!? Where are our standards of protecting our little kinderlach? Mostly, where are the Rabbis to do something?

It’s been 6 weeks and other than the internet, cell phones and clingy clothing, we have not heard anything. Is this a joke? Are we really living in the Bronx zoo? Do we really don’t give a shit about our kids? Have we no guts to stand up for our 10 year old little kids?

WHAT AM I MISSING? WHAT DON’T I GET?  WAKE UP EVERYONE! There is a new season up and coming now and we are right where we were last year.

You wonder why I keep praising Rabbi Nuchem. Believe me I am tired of it as well, but I am thirsting to find a new rabbi that I can hang on to! I am looking to align myself with a Chassidus that looks out for my little grandchildren but can’t find one.

Please don’t let this brutal murder go to waste. Act on it and demand protection for your kids. Is this asking much?

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  1. I am very touch by your words and your guts to defend rabbi Nuchem rosenberg. only yesterday i found out about this amazing rabbi. i don't understand why this blog does not have more followers and more people that know about him and about your blog. I am writing from Israel we have a terrible tragedy happening here in Jerusalem in the neighborhood in Nachlaot. There are 6 discusting pedophiles two in jail and 4 waiting for trial. all this a a tiny haredi jewish community. I am shocked and scared for my kids and for all jewish children.
    best wishes