Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good reasons

As I set Tisha Ba’av in shul saying the Kinos, I was schmoozing with the guys between Kinos and Mincha and we had an amazing discussion.

The two most powerful disasters in the Jewish history was The “Chorban bais Hamikdahs” and the “Dor Hamabil”. They were both destroyed for 2 reasons. One was for “Sinas chinam” hating people for no reason and the 2nd one was, Znis (Adultry, pedophilia, rape, etc.)

So I immediately wondered and came to the conclusion that there were no cell phones back then and the women didn’t wear robes. Otherwise these 2 disasters would’ve happened for those 2 reasons. Since I have lived in Brooklyn, these were the only 2 reasons that the community was hit with bad news. Someone gets killed: The women speak on the cell phones. Someone gets robbed: the women wear their robes to tight. Leiby Kletzky: We are not observant enough with the internet.

So the big question is, back in those days when the Bais hamikdash was burned, and they had to blame it on Sinas chinam, was it due to the fact that the women didn’t wear robes, or did they find an even worst sin than wearing tight robes? Because in today’s world this is the worst sin! The facts that The Rabbis are garbage, the rabbis are being sold for money, the rabbis are the biggest abusers and molesters, those are not the reason why kletzky was killed. Its only because we use the cell phone too much, the internet too often and because Weingarten was given over to the authorities after repeatedly raping his daughter.

The above comments were supposed to be a joke, but it is unfortunately not! These people that have the galls and blame all the tragedies on klal yisroel on these poor excuses, are not only sick in the head, they do it to stir away blame from themselves.
These people that are busy with Lipa Shmeltser, Rabbi Nuchem, and everything but the real issues, are getting away with shifting the blame and no one calls them out.

It is pretty sad to see  that with the education we get today and the overwhelming evidence of these molester-protectors, that these rabbis still feel they can get away with shifting the blame and no one dares challenging them?

I truly believe that we are smarter than that and would like to think that we are brighter than to take these peoples garbage and not respond! WAKE UP

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