Thursday, October 14, 2010

Its a numbers game!

I was by a wedding this week and was sitting and talking with the boys and Rabbi nuchem‘s hotline came up for discussion. We were discussing his website, his speech and his way of battling this terrible plague in our community.

They of course don’t know that I am the author of this blog, so the conversation was just flowing among friends, and it was open, honest and from the heart. I noticed a very interesting mutual opinion that every one shared over that one-hour discussion we had. At one point or another, all of them said something to the following effect. “Oh boy is he right, but he is crazy” Or “Unfortunately he is 100 percent right, but he is too dirty” and every single one of these guys had a similar reaction to Rabbi Nuchem’s program.

Before I get to my point, I also want to share this with you. When I decided to go public with this blog, I was ready to receive hate mail, death threats and all the other substance that goes along with this. To my surprise, I was amazed on how little of hate mail I get. (I do get on a daily basis hate mail and “bruchas” – but it’s from the same 5 people that are angry with the Judge and feel it’s my fault or Rabbi nuchem’s fault) To my surprise, I get encouragement e-mails, and hundreds of stories of abuse that people in our community endured and I cant believe the pain that people have concealed in their souls.

My question today, is the same question I ask all these people when they write to me. Forget the fact that we took a hero like Rabbi Nuchem and destroyed his reputation for no good reason. Forget the fact that we all know how corrupt these Rabbis are, and yet we still look the other side and even worst, we want to protect them. Forget the fact that there is not a home with out a casualty of molestation, yet no one has the guts to stand up for it. Forget all that. Just tell me , how you live with yourself being a father and mother of a precious little child, knowing in your heart that he has no one in these world at this little age but you, and you knowingly look away and are not willing to stand up for him! Explain that to me!

My daughters always tell me cute little stories, how they make little snacks for their little kids to take to Yeshiva every day, and sometimes they put in a little “Surprise” in the lunch box (i.e. a special cookie, a sticker, etc.). Other mothers, go out of their way and even though they might struggle financially, they will make a surprise birthday  party for their “little boy” or buy them a special game, and they do it with the utmost love and good intentions, because they want their little boy to grow up happy, joyful and to have great childhood memories.

I wonder how many 10 year old kids smile when they receive their special cookie, but deep inside their heart they are thinking “Mommy, its not the cookies I want, I want you to protect me from uncle yankel or my Teacher R’ Moshe”. How many little kids can’t fall asleep at night because they know tomorrow morning his loving father will drop him off in cheder where his rabbi is waiting for him yet again? How many little kinderlach  dread shabbas because their favorite uncle Yankel is coming  and visits his Friday Night 1 AM in his room and then smiles by the meal the next day as if nothing happened?

In this week’s hotline, Rabbi nuchem said a very funny but important one-liner. “You should not invite in your sukkah any guest, except for the ushpizen”.

I know some of you are thinking here he goes again. The same old BS, the same old overreaction and the same old hallucinating on Rabbi nuchems part. Well, I wonder if the family on 47th street that warmly invited a  guest  named Simon Benisti (check our wall of shame section – scroll to the bottom) also think that this is hallucinating by Rabbi Nuchem. They invited a guest for a couple of days, and in return he raped two little children in that house (ages 8 and 10) as a “thank you” note!

I know some of you are thinking here he goes again. The same old BS, the same old overreaction and the same old hallucinating on Rabbi Nuchems part. Well, I wonder yet again how the father of Daskalowits’s victim feels. I will bet he does not feel that I am over doing it! I will bet that the multiple victims of Lebowits don’t feel I am over doing it! I will bet that the multiple victims of reichman don’t feel I am chewing over the same thing too many times and I  will bet that G-D forbid, when you found out that your child has been molested by your best friend, cousin, or rabbi YOU will not think I am over doing it!

I have a question to you. You go to the grocery every single day and buy food off the shelves. Why do you that? Aren’t you afraid that those ingredients might kill you? Aren’t you afraid that there is poison in there that has not been verified that its ok to digest? Well, of course not! There is a Government in America and they have  a food and drug administration and they over look the plants and manufacturing and make sure it is safe for you and your family, and tats how you are comfortable enough to feed your little kids this food.

NEWS FLASH!! That same government that you trust so dearly for your kids food, is the same government that tells you “one out of five BOYS are molested” and its usually by someone they know or trust! If I remember right, not too long ago there was a blog (which is long closed down) that claimed that Rabbi Nuchem is a “Pick and choose” rabbi! It seems that these is the biggest “pick and choose” issue possible! On one hand you are injecting food in to your baby because the Government said its ok and you trust them, but on the other hand you are ignoring them on the most vital issues regarding your son!

Let’s take even a closer look at these numbers. If you are a mother of 8 kids, there is a 40 percent chance tat TWO of your kids are being abused, or an 80% chance that ONE of your boys are being abused, or only a 20 percent chance that THREE of your boys are being abused. Would you feed your kid a snack that is only 10 percent chance of poison? Would you give your little boy milk that only smells 1 percent not so fresh?

I beg you, don’t wait till its too late! I can tell you for a 100 PERCENT FACT. Once you find out that one of your kids were molested or just touched or not even full rape, your life will turn upside down and IT WILL NEVER NEVER be the same! You can laugh me off, you can ignore Rabbi Rosenberg and you can go on with your routine, but don’t blame anyone but yourself afterwards! Its not a very good feeling to stomach the fact “I could’ve prevented it” it’s a sickening feeling that keeps you up at night! And a sickening feeling that messes up your kid for a lifetime of pain.

Stop buying him one more cookie until you had the chance to check out his safety and surroundings first! Then you will know you are a good parent and a good roll model, not by throwing him a birthday bash!

 Let me finish by saying this! If you don’t always listen to rabbi Nuchem’s hotline every week, or if you don’t listen to it in full, this week would be a good time to listen to every word of it, as it is powerful and a must for every parent. And to you Lebowits family, you should also listen to it, because the Rabbi is offering you a deal that your biggest appeal lawyers cant negotiate and he has it in his power to make it work. You guys already conceded that the attitude of deny, deny, deny wont work! Everyone in the community knows he is a molester, everyone always knew he was a molester and he is finally a convicted molester rotting in hell where he cant slaughter more victims. But here is an opportunity for you to get him out and you can do it simply by following the Rabbis advice and it won’t cost you a million dollars in lawyers fees.

I think its time that you guys see the situation and adjust properly and have the brains like the Brauner family and say sorry, and he will be home in 3 years. See what happened to Weingarten, he did not want to say sorry and also got 30 years. You are not dealing wit Itsu Glick, you are dealing with the Justice System they are not scared when you yell or say “sheigets arois”

מָרוֹם מִמְּרוֹמִים. רַחֵם עַל עֲגוּמִים. וְעַל זֶרַע רְחוּמִים. יְלִידֵי יְדִידֶיךָ


  1. Tomorrow will start the trial of the menuval Nuchem Rosenberg. Whoever will try to mix in and influence the witness, will end up in big trouble, the authorities will not tolerate this. There is a watch as to who is bothering the family members and their end will not be pleasant.

  2. You are probably wondering why I allow this idiots comment. Very simple, it’s just another way of showing you how they got NOTHING to answer but to be silly. Besides the fact that the IP address is all the same and it’s a joke knowing who this it. You will laugh you’re head off when I tell you

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