Saturday, October 9, 2010


There is an old saying: “Talk is cheap”. and I think its time to put a challenge out there and see the true meaning of “Talk is cheap”

Ever since I started this blog, I have been getting “anonymous” emails requesting my name and I should debate the issue. Forget the point that “they” want to stay anonymous but at the same time demand that I expose myself. Forget the fact that “they” have never once (and I repeat it again ONCE) answered any of my questions except telling me to drop dead,and how G-d hates me, but never once did “they” answer any of my points.

At the same time on one of the comments, this loser challenged me to a debate and predicted that I will chicken out. Of course, when I immediately accepted he made some demands, which I obliged and agreed to all of it, and never heard from him again, not that I expected to hear from him, but never the less I gave him the benefit of the doubt. HEY SCUMBAG I AM STILL WAITING!

Just like rabbi Nuchem pointed out many times on his shiur on the hotline. Our community is all about empty threats and no action! “We will do this We will do that” and that’s where it ends. Additionally there is another problem. “They” know and we all know that Rabbi Nuchem is 100 percent correct and accurate, so they know that have no shot of debating him or myself. We come with facts and truth and they come with hush hush maneuvers and tactics to keep us quiet. They expect that this tactics should work with us because it works with 99% of the people for many reasons. people are scared to go against the big mouths, they are scared there kids will be kicked out of the schools (which in essence will be a favor for these poor kids who are like chickens at the mercy of their farmers), and knowing that we are not “rollovers” they will never debate us.

However, for the public record let me announce that I am willing to debate anyone and everyone on video anytime. Anywhere. Anyhow. And I spoke with Rabbi Nuchem and he is willing as well.

I am not keeping my hopes up because after all, we are talking about a spineless bunch that has nothing to debate, but never the less I hope against hope that someone will have the courage to come forward and debate me.

Let me just update something regarding Shmuel Borger. I am getting a tremendous feedback on the article where I mentioned his name. It seems that there are many victims including family members. But I am holding back publishing it until I can double verify it with more sources. Hashem Yerachem what this skunk has already done in our community.

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  1. Speaking of "they will do this, they will do that", I wonder how that "lawsuit" is going.....since they shut down their blog and ran like a bunch of perverted cowards......