Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sex offender list.

It is very important for the public to know that unfortunately the “NY State Sex offender list” should not be used a s a measuring stick or a guide to know who is an offender or who isn’t. Most of the times, an offender will negotiate with the courts NOT to be on the list. Baruch Lebowitz is not on the list; Yehuda Kolko made special arrangements not to be on the list, and many many more, let alone the people that beat the system all together and were not found guilty due to the fact that rabbies threatened the victims family not to cooparate with the Law, or else.

It is very frustrating that these molesters and rapists get away with it, but these are the unfortunate circumstances of dealing with the law, good attorneys and many loop holes in the system.

Due to the protection of the victims (little children), the courts and the victims family will agree to lesser charges and to demands of the abusers, in order not to have these little victims endure hell yet again and to avoid that the victim should have to testify and replay the whole abuse again and again.

The following is a perfect example of a recent case in NY, it is an article from the local “Times Union” in Albany.

ALBANY -- A Loudonville rabbi was sentenced to 60 days in the Albany County jail this morning for endangering the welfare of a child.

Rabbi Yaakov Weiss, 30, founder of the Chabad of Colonie and the Chabad Hebrew School was handcuffed and led out by sheriff's deputies to start his sentence. "You have utterly failed to accept responsibility for your actions," County Judge Stephen Herrick told Weiss, who’s family and supporters sat in the courtroom. "You are not the victim here. The boys were the victims."
In pleading guilty to the misdemeanor in January, Weiss admitted he had "inappropriate physical contact" with two, 13-year-old naked boys in 2007 inside a small pool known as a mikveh on  Whitehall Road

in Albany. Weiss, a married father of three, also admitted to telling one boy not to tell the police about what happened.

"I want to apologize to everyone that's been hurt," Weiss said. Herrick noted that Weiss was charged with four misdemeanor counts and pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of a child.
In addition to the 60 days in jail, Herrick sentenced Weiss to three years probation, issued two orders of protection to keep him away from the two boys and ordered him to undergo sex offender counseling even though he is not classified as a sex offender.

Assistant District Attorney Shannon Sarfoh read a victim-impact statement from the mother of one boy in which she urged the judge to sentence Weiss to the maximum of 60 days in jail.

"I toss and turn all night. I have a nagging pain in my head constantly," the mother said. "Sixty days in the scheme of things is not very long. But the 60 days might just let me have a full night's sleep and relax my jaw."

Sarfoh said the guilty plea was accepted so the victim would not have to testify.

The above is just a 1% example of the politics and the deals that these abusers can get away with. Why should a guy like this not be on a sex offender list? Why should he be roaming the streets after only 2 months of jail time, without people having the opportunity to see him on a sex offender list?

There are dozens of people in our communities that worked out the same deal and similar arrangements which spares them the “sex offender lists” and it is us the people that suffer the consequences.

Don’t fool yourselves by the mere fact that someone is not on the “list” thinking that he is a legit or a non-molester. I have in my possession close to 20 names that I can not put up on my “wall of shame” due to legal ramifications.


  1. Thank you for this posting about the big problem that many are not on the sex offender list, even after they are found guilty of sexually abusing. In this case, the minuval Weiss, the son-in-law of Shalom Rubashkin, used a pricey lawyer with a reputation for torturing testify children when they were on the stand.

    You are correct, that Baruch Lebovits is not on the registry. But that is because people in jail are never on the registry. They get placed on the registry when they finish their jail sentence. This is because the registry is designed to protect neighbors. Right now his only shechanim are in adjacent cells. Then of course, incarceration is even better protection than having his name on the registry.

  2. Parents cannot rely on registries, teachers, schools, principals or anyone else to prevent sexual abuse of their children.

    WAKE UP PARENTS! Learn what you have to do to protect your child!