Saturday, October 16, 2010


I am releasing a public a warning to the 3 individuals in Europe who are making threats on behalf of scumbag, rapist and abuser
 מילך לייפער (Milech Leifer).

"Di bist a yigermam darftsti dich raben" (quote from a 45 minute filthy speech giving to a girl how the men's mindset works)
They are putting pressure on his victims and trying to keep them hush and shush.
If this does not stop immediately, I will be posting a new audio tape of this menuvel every week. I have in my possession plenty more recordings, and I will publicize all of them, and put pressure on the European government to prosecute him.
Shame on you for protecting him and faking it like you are trying to protect the youth in your area. I will not fall for your garbage and I will fight to decimate this filth just like anyone else.

Final warning, next step is action!


  1. why don't you put out the intire 45 minute filthy speech ??? we would like to listen to it

  2. I have already made my point with the first one I did, but if i need to, i will put out each and everyone i got

  3. I don't think its right to put out any MENUVULES stuff..

  4. Please put the whole statement online DONT TAKE IT OUT OF CONTEXT!!! All he said was "you are a yingerman di mist raben" UBBER try to stop try not to do it it’s not good for you and your neshumah and in the relationship with your wife!!!! So stop!!!!

  5. HAHAHAHAHA this is what we are dealing with!!! HAHAHAHAHA

    I heard the rest of the tape, did you? I have already posted one recording of him showing how he talks menivules. There are multiple women that came forward and said he tried to rape them, and you know already what he said, or what he could’ve said?

    Ladies and gentleman, this is beyond comprehension how every criminal and every low life immediately gets defended by some “unknown” supporter when there is evidence on tape, there is evidence by people, there is evidence on a terrible story that happened in his “hotel” on the 87, and so on and so on.

    How do our kids have a chance in hell to survive this 100 year old behavior of hide it, deny it, and hush shush it!