Friday, October 22, 2010

It hits home, very hard

There is an old saying, A picture is worth a thousand words" it refers to the idea that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image. It also aptly characterizes one of the main goals of visualization, namely making it possible to absorb large amounts of data quickly.

Yesterday Rabbi Nuchem posted a picture of the abused child from Kiryas Tosh, Canada (it was done after strategically, discussing it with professionals that advised to post the picture. Usually, the victims are not disclosed, but this is an isolated case that demanded different action). Once I saw this picture, it gave me such a “Shtech” in my heart, such a knock-out punch to my soul and it gave me that numb feeling that I had 40 years ago when I was abused.

Ladies and gentleman. For those fortunate enough that were not abused, you have no clue what that feeling is and I am very happy for you, but let me try to put it on paper as best I can.

Take a look at this 16-year-old picture of this boy. Seems like your average go-happy boy minding his own business and in his head he has that same silly thought that an average 16 year old has (i.e. when will I get married? How many pages of torah can i learn?,When can I play with my friends on the computer, etc.)  Sounds innocent enough!  But now that you know what actually happened to him and you get a little bit of an idea of the hell this pure shefeleh, innocent kid endured over the past 5 years, it shakes every part of your body and it actually gives you a face to the pain! It gives you a picture of sorrow! It gives you a hit in the heart to stare at this kid and his pain hidden in his face.

If this picture did not shake you up, you must not have a heart! If this picture didn’t make you think “hey, he looks like my 15 year old, just with a different nose, why can this not happen to me kid or my nephew or my neighbor” then check if you have a pulse at all.  To me, it tied it all together, and all the stories you hear its always “someone else” ”a broken home”  “must be a nebech case”. Well, here he is! A picture of innocence, a picture of a normal healthy good little boy, a picture of what rabbi nuchem has been preaching for years, a picture of Joel Engelman, Joe diangello, and many other little kinderlech from our community that were not caught in time.

Are you still comfortable that I am not talking to you? Did this picture not hit home at all? Do you still think it only happens in “other” communities? Please tell me what you think? Do you think that Baruch Lebowits went for other type of kids? NO! That’s exactly what he ruined and molested on a daily basis! That is exactly what Rabbi Nuchem is fighting for every minute of the day! That is exactly what the rabbis are trying to whitewash and hide! That is exactly whom rabbi Greenfield of Bovbov abused for 15 years! That’s exactly who Scumbag Daskalowitz went after.

Open your nose holes and smell the coffee! These are the kids, which the abusers are going after! These are the kids, which are at risk! These are the kids, that the rabbis in school abuse! These are the kids, which the kosover chasir, the tinefer rabbi, and many more lowlifes are not willing to protect.

Take this picture and remember it well! This is the “Before“ picture and we all have pictures like this that we love in our homes that we send out onto the streets of our community every single day. But the “after” picture is not such a pretty site! And its even uglier when you know you could’ve done something about it!

It’s sickening that we still have to talk about this, instead of the parents flocking to the schools, courts and demanding that these abusers are locked up!

There is a meeting this Sunday in Boro Park, and make sure you come and hear the facts! Make sure you gave your kids every possible weapon and protection he deserves, OR DON’T COMPLAIN LATER!


  1. Once again, thank you for another post that goes for our kishkas. Yes, this is the before picture with one qualifier; even when the picture was taken the worm was already eating away at his insides because of what was done to him.

    Too many people say, "these terrible things aren't happening because I never noticed them happening." But even before the worst effects showed there were clues. In this boy's case, others may not have known about the molesting, but apparently it was common knowledge that the children in this family were starved and beaten.

    So nu! Do you need to be a talmid chochom to know this requires intervention? Could no one in this community show some achrayis and call child protective services?

    Most goyim and amaratzim know that children need to be protected from hunger, violence and sex abuse. Have we descended to the 49th level?

  2. Mrs T. (Williamsburg)October 23, 2010 at 8:10 PM

    Your articles overall are terrific, but this particular one really hit the spot.

    I must tell you that you are an excellent writer and its full of heart and emotions. I read this post maybe 25 times and I have this kids picture tattooed in my mind and can’t get it out of my thoughts.

    I just want to encourage you in continuing to post and publish your great articles, I am sure it hits the spot for hundreds of mothers like me, and your “schar in oilem Habu” is enormous and you will end up saving many yiddisher souls from harm.

  3. Oh did it hit straight in the heart!

    Please, keep up the good fight.


    Also, here's a link that I saw of an Imam (think pervert Rabbi) groping a child in a Mosque (think school or shul/mikvah)...

    (warning, it's horrible, and graphic enough for anyone with a sense of decency, although everyone is wearing clothes, and the child is not even blinking... but perhaps a must-watch nevertheless)

    and I thought of all those sickos that may be doing something similar or worse to our precious kinderlach... All these paint a too-painful and realistic picture of what we should be HELPING fight against.

    Thank you again, for the work you do in trying to prevent molestation and abuse of Hashem's precious children.

  4. shame on u, what is the point of posting a picture of a victim

  5. Pay attention man! Read what I wrote, it was done with the advise of a professional and with the advise of people involved here.