Monday, October 18, 2010

Emergency Bulletin – Boro Park Community.

The individual pictured here would at first glance give an impression of pure holiness in motion.  He is dressed to the nines with his "platchige beiber hit","ripsene bekiche" and "shvartze zuken".  He walks briskly with a stern look on his face, carrying his oversized "talis battel".  You would think that the only reason he walks uncomfortably close to strange women and girls when he strides down the street is because he gazes down all the time and is oblivious to their very existence.   The fact, though, is quite different.  This person is a vile low-life predator. He preys on innocent girls walking alone on the street in broad daylight.  His MO is to follow the girl and slowly close in on her.  When he gets alongside her he walks together with her making believe like he is on his cell-phone and oblivious to her presence.  If at this point the girl doesn't run away, he takes this as a cue that she is 'interested' in him and he starts making lewd comments to her and propositioning her to come with him and that he would show then "nice things".  His comments get viler as time goes on.  He does not relent even if the girl starts walking briskly away.  He slowly inches the girl closer to the houses and then waits for the opportunity to shove her into an alley.............

Do you know this man?
This perpetrator was last seen in Boro Park on
18th Avenue
in the area of
52nd Street
stalking a young girl.  Thankfully the girl had the presence of mind to veer into a heimishe store and alert the storekeeper who immediately alerted Shomrim and gave chase after the pervert.  He managed to get away, but not before he was picked up by several security cameras.

The accompanying photo is a screenshot of the surveillance footage.  The actual high quality footage is being retrieved from the security system and will be handed over to authorities.

In the meantime we are reaching out to the community to help identify this creep and help in getting him off the streets.

 The animal is in his mid-twenties, of medium height, medium to slightly-heavy build, blond/brown hair with long peyos, wears glasses, and is dressed in the full rebbishe regalia.  It is though that he does not reside in the area of the incident since no one recognized him after extensive canvassing in the area.  He is most likely a "kollel Yingerman" since he was carrying his talis/teffilin at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.

If you know the individual pictured here please contact us by email so that we may pass the information to the authorities.

In the meantime please educate your children and keep them safe.

P.S. We hope to post by tomorrow a Video recording we obtained from a local security camera.


  1. I'm sorry to say, but this guy looks like almost every yingerman in BP. That said, I hope they catch the perv soon.

  2. Why haven't the police been alerted?

  3. Get Pervs Off the Street!October 18, 2010 at 4:40 PM

    great job warning the public and kudos to the girl for reporting it!

  4. They HAVE been alerted, but we hope someone will see something on this picture and know who he is.