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תמים היה בדורותיו

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It’s been now approximately five years since Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg has been placed in חרם shunned by his community, by his local Rabbis. These five years has been his best and his worst.

His best: His mission of cleaning up the streets, the schools, the mikvahs, etc. has come a very long way. Parents are educated, kids are educated and the general public is gradually listening and understanding what’s on tab and what this plague has done to generations of our youth and how it affected them for life.

His worst: Let’s face it. It’s not a lot of fun to be in חרם , isolated, shunned and be barred from every synagogue especially when he knows he is doing the proper thing and when 90% of the public knows it as well, but are scared to speak out because they can't fight city hall. In all due respect, it is getting better by the month. The public has realized that the “Cheirem” is a joke, the public recognizes that he is 100% right and furthermore the public appreciates what he does and is thankful for his courage and stance against this terrible plague in our community.

Last week in parshas Noach,  we read in the portion of the torah תמים היה בדורותיו  (Noach (  נח ) was a tzaddik in his generations) Rashi makes comparisons between נח and אברהם. The first time is in his famous analysis of the Torah’s use of a qualifier when describing נח’s piety, “נח was a tzaddik in his generations. "Rashi quotes two opinions: 1) If in his generation he was a tzaddik- —how much greater of a tzaddik would he have been in a righteous generation! 2) In his generation he was considered a tzaddik—were he to have lived in the times of אברהם he wouldn’t have been important.

Two points of interest: 1) Even if it is true that נח was a lesser tzaddik than אברהם, Chazal (our Sages) stress that the righteous leaders of each generation are equally vital and important, even when, on an objective scale, they don’t measure up to those that proceeded them. Yiftach in his generation [was as vital] as Shmuel in his generation. יפתח בדורו כשמוא' בדורו (Rosh Hashana 25b)” so the questions is, what purpose is served by stressing that נח would not have been anything special in אברהם times? 2) Why does the first opinion use “a righteous generation” as a basis for comparison, while the second one states, “had he lived in the generation of אברהם he wouldn’t have been important?” Both opinions should use the same point of reference for their comparisons.

The second time Rashi contrasts נח with אברהם is when the Torah states (6:9), “נח walked [together] with G-d.” Rashi notes that with regard to אברהם, the Torah writes (17:1), “Walk before me and be whole.” Where אברהם is described as going before Hashem, נח walked together with Him. אברהם's piety was so robust that he needed no Heavenly assistance—he could take care of himself, so to speak. This is the idea of going before Hashem. נח needed Hashem’s support in maintaining his righteousness; he is seen as walking together with Hashem.

Again there are two interesting points: 1) When Hashem tells נח to enter the Ark, He says (7:1), “Come into the Ark…for it is you that I have found righteous before me in this generation.” Hashem’s statement seems to contradict the previous one—did נח go with Hashem or before Him? 2) Where in fact do we find proof in אברהם actions that אברהם walked before Hashem, while נח walked with Him? In what way does Avraham’s higher level manifest itself?

The Midrash (Tehillim 37) describes the famous meeting between אברהם and מלכי צדקMalchi-Tzedek (found in this week’s parsha [14:18-21]). Chazal teach that מלכי צדק was in fact Shem, the son of נח . “Tell me,” אברהם asked him, “in what merit did you deserve to leave the Ark?”
“In was in the merit of the tzedakah (charity) we did.”
“But there were no poor people there!” אברהם asked. “It was just you and your family? With whom did you do tzedakah?”
“With the animals and the birds,” מלכי צדק answered. “We did not sleep at night. We would go from one animal to the next making sure they had enough to eat. Once we were late, and my father was injured [by one of the animals (see Rashi who says it was the lion)].”

At that time, the Midrash concludes, אברהם said to himself, “If they were only saved by the charity they did with the animals and the birds, and [even so] for the one time he was late he was ‘repaid’ and injured, then if I perform charity with people, who are formed in the image of the angels, surely in this merit I will be protected from injury!” Immediately אברהם planted a tent, and provided his guests with food, drink, and lodging!
This, writes the  חיד"א (Chida), is the difference between נח and אברהם. אברהם hears a story—about a person who was saved in the merit of charity and kindness—and he understands from it how esteemed charity must be in Hashem’s eyes. The first thing he does is plants his tent, beginning his legacy of charity and kindness. נח didn’t just hear the story—he lived through it, yet he did not learn its lesson.
The חיד"א doesn’t explain what he means; how do we see that נח didn’t learn the lesson?
The first thing נח does after leaving the Ark is to plant a vineyard. “נח, the man of the earth, defiled himself and planted a vineyard (9:20).” Rashi explains that he defiled himself in that his very first planting was grapes (who’s fruit intoxicates); he should have planted something else first.

אברהם planted and נח planted (va-yita). אברהם planted a tent (or tree for shelter) in which he could give others food, drink, and lodging. נח planted grapes. From the first fruits of his labor, he got drunk. What drove נח to drink? Perhaps he found it difficult to cope with the Earth he found upon leaving the Ark. It was not the place he had known. Everything and everyone had been eradicated by the scorching waters of the flood. To escape this bitter reality, he drank.

Had he been paying attention (like his son Shem), he might have found a lesson to be learned: You were saved by charity and kindness; make sure the new generation, which you head, is one built on the foundations of charity and kindness. Plant a tent, open a hachnosas orchim (guest house), and teach your children and descendants—the Earth’s new inhabitants—the importance of kindness.
The two opinions quoted above, says the Chida, don’t actually disagree. No doubt, had נח been in a generation of tzaddikim, he would have been an even greater tzaddik. But had he lived in the generation of Avraham, who built a life of chessed (kindness) based on the story of the Ark and its lesson, whereas נח —the story’s main participant—failed to do so, he would indeed not have been a factor.
Perhaps this is expressed in the difference between walking before Hashem or with Him. נח was saved by his kindness to the animals, but it was not as a result of any conscious commitment to chessed. Hashem put him in a situation which left him no choice—it was either feed the animals or suffer their wrath, as Shem told אברהם. Thus, although נח did a virtuous thing, he is described as walking with Hashem—he did good, but only when coerced by Hashem to do so.

אברהם didn’t wait for Hashem to lead him by the hand. He heard the story, and figured the rest. He went before Hashem—by finding hidden allusions how to improve his character and service of Hashem without having to be pushed into it.
The holy Zohar is critical of נח for not praying for his generation. How was he to have known that Hashem awaited his prayers?
“Come into the Ark…for it is you that I have found righteous before me in this generation.” Hashem does not give gratuitous compliments. He was trying to hint to נח : Kindness has the power to save. If you have compassion on your brothers, and pray for their salvation, you and they will be saved in the merit of that kindness. You too have the ability to be a tzaddik before me—take the hint and pray for your generation! Noach should have realized that Hashem was calling him a tzaddik in order to empower him with the strength of the righteous; to annul decrees. ( ישמח משה Yismach Moshe).

אברהם and נח —two tzaddikim, each one a giant in his generation. The difference? נח did what was right, and he did it with great commitment and fervour, but only when it stared him in the face. אברהם knew how to take a hint. He didn’t wait for mitzvos to come his way, he went looking for them (“And he stood by the tent”—looking for wayfarers that he could care for.
Sifrei chassidus (Hasidic literature) call this phenomenon   רמיזא דחכמתא  (hints of wisdom)  that can be found in every aspect of life. “Do not be like the horse—like the mule who understands not, and whose mouth must be closed with bit and bridle and reins—they will not approach you…I will instruct you, and enlighten you—this is the way to go; I will guide you with the movement of My eye—like a man who hints to his friend through the movement of his eye (Tehillim/Psalms 32:8-9 with Malbim). Hashem guides us every moment of our lives; it’s up to us to open our eyes and hearts and find the hints.

Rabbi Rosenberg 
I am taking the liberation, authorization and the courage to relate the above mentioned connection Between נח and אברהם, and do the same connection between Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg and sages of previous generations. Because we don’t have an אברהם  in our generation anymore.

We all know the pain and suffering that the בעל שם טוב  (Baal Shem Tov) endured while teaching the world of chassidus. We all know that in the late 1700’s the Baal Hatanya was tortured by מתנגדים (anti-chassidus movements), when at that time Lithuania was the center of the מתנגדים (opponents of  חסידים Hasidism), and Rabbi Shneur Zalman faced much opposition. In 1774 he and Menachem Mendel of Vitebsk traveled to Vilna in an attempt to create a dialogue with the ווילנער גאון who led the מתנגדים and had issued a ban against the חסידים, but the ווילנער גאון refused to see them and they had to leave town in order not to get stoned. In his seminal work, Tanya, he defines his approach as "מוח שולט על הלב" ("mind ruling over the heart/emotions").

In 1797 following the death of the ווילנער גאון, leaders of the Vilna community falsely accused the Hasidim of subversive activities - on charges of supporting the Ottoman Empire, since Rabbi Shneur Zalman advocated sending charity to support Jews living in the Ottoman territory of Palestine. In 1798 he was arrested on suspicion of treason and brought to St. Petersburg where he was held in the Petropavlovski fortress for 53 days, at which time he was subjected to an examination by a secret commission. Ultimately he was released by order of Paul I of Russia. The Hebrew day of his acquittal and release, 19 Kislev, 5559 on the Hebrew calendar, is celebrated annually by Chabad Hasidim, who hold a festive meal and make communal pledges to learn the whole of the Talmud; this practice is known as "Chalukas Ha'Shas" He was also arrested 2 more times at later dates, by people who did not like his wiews of torah which we now know is pure and holy!

I believe we are witnessing history all over again. Rabbi Rosenberg is now in the same spiritual standing as נח was then and both Pshutim of Rashi is right. I can not tell you what Rabbi Rosenberg would have been in the times of the Baal Shem Tov or the Baal Hatanya. I can tell you though with out a shadow of doubt  that today he is in the level of תמים היה בדורותיו .

Lets take rashi’s second opinion.  “In his generation he was considered a tzaddik—were he to have lived in the times of אברהם he wouldn’t have been important.” If that is indeed the case with Rabbi Rosenberg today, then ladies and gentleman, it is very sad because “THE JOKE IS ON US NOT ON HIM” in other words we are so low and so unworthy and so clueless that Rabbi Rosenberg is only a Tzaddik because its in OUR generation. All this shows is , that we are so far off that even a man like Rabbi Rosenberg is a tadik these days.

Either way you spin it, the end result is the same. WE are in a generation that Rabbi Rosenbeg is needed and is תמים היה בדורותיו!  The only question is where he would rank 200 years ago. I am here to tell you that I could not care less where he would’ve ranked 200 years ago. I am delighted to have him today in a generation where there is no one to stand up for whats right and no one giving a voice for our children.

Never mind the fact, that if you take ANY Rabbi today and put him up against Holy man of 200 years ago, it would not be a pretty picture.

The bottom line is. We are lucky to have a man like him in our generation! We are lucky that there is still one man out there with courage and guts to speak the truth! Your children are lucky that there is one human being speaking up for them and willing to take a bullet for them, while all the others who are PAID to protect them could not care less!


  1. I cant believe your are serious in the entire compression. you are a joke.

  2. משתתף בצערן של ישראלOctober 10, 2010 at 1:58 PM

    NICE and TRUE!

  3. "in the entire compression"... um what, dear anonymous commenter?

    Does that mean that your sfjaslkfjslkfdjslfj? Because ..,djflasjdflskdjflsk is just as clear as your post.

    Bottom line - NIR is articulate, right and am glad that he supports R' Rosenberg.

  4. The ink you use to describe the Rev Rosenberg is a total waste. We are here today and are gedolim are from today, not 200 years ago, you can not be a crusader when your intention is to down play every jew that fails to agree with you. No one ever made him a rabbi no one knows what he knows about mikvas, and all he has one subject in mind..what a dirty and filthy mind to put tfilin on.

  5. Great point! Now tell me who made spinker rabbi, and skevere rabbi and pupa rabbi, etc. for rabbis other than the fact they were born into parents that were rabbis and rebbetsins as well! Does that qualify them as a rabbi? Absolutely not, yet you are willing to call them a rabbi!

    I MADE Rabbi Nuchem for a Rabbi and so do other people who agree with him! Thats how Mechel lebowitz (brother of convicted child molester Baruch lebowits) crowned himself Nikelsburger Rabbi, and that’s how Kosover chazir crowned himself a rabbi. None of the above have a better qualification that Rabbi Nuchem has, to be called a Rabbi. As am matter of fact rabbi Nuchem has more qualification then them, as he speaks out the truth.

    By the way. Still no one is willing to discuss the molestation issues.

    P.S. He has many letters from rabbis praising his works on Mikvah. If you want to see it, I will be more than happy to post it.

  6. I agree with you 100 percent. R’ nuchem can measure up with any of the Rabbunim today, and is on par with all of them. If Nikelsberger can be a rabbi, SO CAN HE!

  7. I know reb Nochem for almost 40 years. He was even then known to everyone as a big genius talmid chuchom. Now that I listen to his shiur every week I see that his talmid-chuchom-shaft exceeds what I have thought of him. The man has a phenomenal moach (brain). And above all he is a very big unov (modest). When you see him in the street you might think that he is a shlepper. He is very kind and friendly to everyone if not a molestor. But a molestor, oh boy, I don't envy him if reb Nochem lays his eyes on him. Nochem ish tzadik.

  8. Molestaion is a terrible crime, but we have a torah, I am sure you are aware if one witness would stand up and say you killed this and this person, he would not receive death, because the torah requires two witnesses, you cant change the torah, if BML is charged according to one witness he would never be punished according to torah, you can't change the facts. There are many sins mentioned in the torah each one has a unique punishment stoning, burning, etc and one can not be used for the other, you want to make fun of our accepted rabbis go ahead and do so, but until you do not varify all the facts, he is no different then any other jew,shaming any jew at will because you decided that this is the worst crime, is in't proof positive that you are not transgressing even a greater crime. Nuchem has gone on a vendetta cursing Jews across the board calling people chazar etc. this is bad for you and your followers and remember there is a god he will not let you disobey his torah forever.

  9. A Real Rabbi is 1 that has been known to serve Hashem his entire life and has legal and open followers for many years
    Nuchem haven't got that greatest history. Yes he has 4-5 known (public) followers that admire him for fighting an agenda.. some of his followers are known APIKORSIM!!!

  10. Excuse me if I sound naïve but I remember that B. M. Lebowitz was convicted in the court of law and NOT by Nuchem ROSENBERG.

    2nd of all. EVERYONE knows that B.M. is a menivel there are more the two witnesses there are 25 so stop the bull shit! How about Yechiel brauner , there was also not 2 eides! And if they do come they are not 13 so they don’t count.

  11. Remember the court of law is not torah law, second of all there could be a hundred witnesses
    but if they fail to testify exactly the same, they are not considered as testimony, learn something about HIlchas Adis educate yourself before you begin to look like a fool. Before you shame people in public there are seven steps outlined that you must do, all mentioned in the Chofetz chaim which i will not mention on this tuma site of yours since you have no clue in toras moshe, keep mocking our gedolim, but don't be surprised what happens to you and your followers, just learn parshas korach 400 times.

  12. In halacha there are provisions for eid echad. Anon needs to learn halacha.There are many poskim who publicly said that a koton is believed if found to be credible. Anon would hava all molesters walk because his definition of eidus would never happen. According to him one can commit crimes with as long as there are no 2 witnesses. I would like to take him into a private room and cut his balls off without 2 witnesses. Let's see how long he will maintain that mesira rule.

  13. משתתף בצערן של ישראלOctober 11, 2010 at 3:55 PM

    TO Anonymous said...
    Molestaion is a terrible crime, but we have a torah . . .

    According to you, a serial killer that sneaks up on people and kills them you can't do anything to him since there are no עדות. Read the articles in ישורון and you'll get some insight into this mater.

  14. Dear Anon.

    I am trying to figure out if you are really that dumb or you just plauing dumb. Can you please explain to me what I wrote in this article? It seems you have one thing in your mind “How to prove to the world that Baruch M. Lebowitz is not a molester” I got a news flash for you. Baruch Lebowits is a convicted child molester, and justice was served, and it seems there is plenty more justice to come!

    If you like Rabbi Nuchem, or if you don’t! It really does not matter and does not affect the fact that Chazir lebowits is a convicted molester!

    On a personal note, I feel bad for his kids and family members. I can only imagine the pain his wife feels. But it’s not close to the pain that his victims feel, and the scar they will have for life!

    Every criminal has innocent family members that suffer the consequences, but that’s ON the criminal! And he has plenty time to think what he did to his family and to his innocent victims.

  15. Shmeel I am ready to meet you anywhere you touch me your dead fish, and yes all of you poskim on this sight, you have zero clue in torah halocha and a child can never convict someone as a lone ed. Your educating yourself on this destructive site, raping the respect of talmidi chachomim I will never stand by idly and let you get away with it. Sao shmeele give me the time and place and ltes see your big guts..just make sure you say good by to all your dirty friends.

  16. Mr. shmeel your neval pa at the end of your dialoge shows your true colors, and if u have a source to your statement kindly put it up or just shut up don't represent g-d.

  17. Dear Anon. Tell me where and when, and I will be more than happy to debate you. my email address is

  18. Well Anon,I accept your challenge. I can meet you by Monsey Pathmark. I will leave the time up to you. Just not on Shabbos. Bring your dead fish with you. Where was the Nivul Peh? Seriously, you are a dope. I never knew a molester to have ever gotten caught by eidim. Does that mean that all criminals who are jewish should go undeterred because as long as there are no eidim they can rape your wife and kids? Or only holy jews like your kind. You want a free pass above any laws. Let me know how to identify you. Please come alone to Pathmark. Don't want any, you know, eidim. Would defeat the purpose of the meeting. See ya tough guy.

  19. LOLOLOLOL to the last comment. Shmeel you are a funny man! and in case , Monsey is out of HIS way, i will make myself ready for a debate anywhere else on the planet he wants to.

  20. Shmeel took already good care of this blockhead. I will add a little more. In Satmar there was a chasidisher, chushever Yid Reinitz, a Rotzeach (murderer). He lured yingeleit newly wed to his Wald (forest), had his goyim there to rob them, kill them and bury them. No eidim, he was informed on to the authorities and I think was executed. His children survived the Holocaust and lived in EY and were chasidishe yiden. If this anon wants to rehabilitate BML, then it is through tshuvah (repentance) charutah (remorse), otherwise the Lebowitz family will go down in history lcherpah uldeiruon oilom.

  21. I will try this again!
    Mr. Anon. send me a comment to meet him on Lee corner Ross (or whatever) at 6PM. Listen up, I am very serious about a debate not you just trying to be tough saying meet me Lee Ave and I will Scream and yell. That’s the old Satmar way, come and go and meet me. If you are serious about debating the issue, you will write me an email and we will sit down one-on-one and discuss it.
    I am not sure why I am wasting my time with you, knowing full well you are just a “talker” and typical “I will do this I will do tat” but nevertheless I am giving t my all!

  22. Have it your way where and when????

  23. It seems very clear to me that NIS and SHMEEL are one and the same, stop playing nice and hiding, you just gave yourself away, you said " I sent you a comment to meet you on Lee ave." i sent to Shmeel, but of course your one big fake, it seems like its me and you on the entire site and keep playing different names...well your stuck open debate or nothing.

  24. Dear NIR I can't hold it. I just saw the newest entry in your wall of shame, and mein hartz weint (my heart is crying). This man Simon Bnisty looks like a sicko but his lange beard and payes is masking it. That's why he is growing it so meshigedig lang, so that that anon will require eidim for his bestiality acts, and he has a free field to kill, yes kill, our zisse umshildige kinderlach. The idiot with capital letters wants to be in gan eiden next to BML (if he will ever get there) and I want to be in gan eiden next to you and reb Nochem. I am sure that very few will have the zchiyeh to be in reb Nochems mechitzeh in gan eiden.

  25. NIR, please read NYT science section, child abuse investigation didn't reduce risk, study finds.

  26. משתתף בצערן של ישראלOctober 12, 2010 at 9:01 AM

    A note on Reinitz.
    I heard many years ago that he has an einikel in Lubavitch.

  27. Wrong again my dear,

    As I figured originally I am dealing with what Rabbi Nuchem likes to call a below 60 IQ. But here I go again. Shmeel invited you to Monsey, to that I responded if you cant make it to Monsey I will meet you in Williamsburg, to that YOU responded Lee Ave cor Ross and I will yell and scream so the whole world knows you. To that I responded, if you really want to have a debate going, please lets meet one on one.

    Was that so difficult to comprehend? Stop worrying who Shmeel is, and who I am and what else your little brains can have a handle on. Just DEABATE THE ISSUE AT HAND! Shoe me and tell me where Rabbi Nuchem is wrong and so on and so

  28. Show me not shoe me whats your IQ? your losing it.
    yes, and those who want to join in a gehanim that will never end kindly do so, and you can actually start today, the man is is in hell everyday, can't daven anywhere cant go to any simchas, always claiming that he is building mikvas, but know one knows where, who gave him smicha to build mikvas, i hope no one uses them. Don't worry about my IQ yours is to small to comprehend, Apikorsim never do, so for our open debate time and place, and bring all your morons numbering maybe three to this wonderful debate between an apikoris and a real practicing jew hater.

  29. Ladies and gentleman,
    I will not bore you anymore with his nonsense. But take a close look what we are up against.
    1. They constantly complain how Rabbi Nuchem is name-calling those that don’t agree with him. Look how he has been ranting. I am an apikores for that
    2. He cant daven anywhere, because the Rabbis are corrupted. Thanks for making my point
    3. As of today you have NEVER ever answered one question I asked other than telling me how in hell I will be. For the final time WHAT’S YOUR STANCE ON MOLESTATION IN OUR COMMUNITY? HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO TACKLE THIS PROBLEM?

  30. To anon who requires 2 eidim ksheirim, do they have to witness kmikchol bshfiferes, the penis itself actually penantrating the anus, and is oral sex on a child OK, is touching a child's private parts OK, is masturbation in front of a child without physical contact OK? Please tell us the Halacha. Maybe bml and yechiel brauner and Meir dascalowitz are tzadikim gmirim according to your daas torah.

  31. Nuchem can't talk to the rabbonim but maybe me and you can, they have nothing against me and you, I will make sure they hear you out with the promise you will hear them out, at the end of the day maybe we can get a fresh start and getting our act together without cursing anyone..there is no other way.

  32. To anon who requires 2 eidim ksheirim, do they have to witness kmikchol bshfiferes, the penis itself actually penantrating the anus, and is oral sex on a child OK, is touching a child's private parts OK, is masturbation in front of a child without physical contact OK? Please tell us the Halacha. Very familiar with all the body parts how many kids have you molested, since you know exactly what to do..?????

  33. You guys are debating like little children.
    We must fight molesting small children and Buchrim!!!
    I am over 50 I grew up in Williamsburg. we all knew a few molesters that got away with murder...
    This crime should of been stopped by all means.
    The way to stop would/should been by cutting the molesters beard 2-3 times and that would stop it..

  34. Anon: I gave you the where and left the when to you. It looks looks like you are chickening out. No response. If you have not found a dead fish I am willing to supply it if that is what it takes to get you there. Any particular fish you prefer? Herring? Lox? Whitefish?

  35. To anon over 50. Since no one else responded to you I will have to. Sorry, you are the kid. Your prescription for molestors never worked and never will. The only prescription is the law, a long drawn out stiff prison term. The long prison term imposed on BML has had a profound affect. God bless fudge Patricia DiMango.

  36. little kids stop playing those nonessential fish issues. I f you will debate this silly guy, will you win the battle?
    We must fight molesting small children and Buchrim!!!
    This crime should of been stopped by all means.

  37. To anon who said ...but we have a Torah... All of a sudden you are silent. I have a question for you, according to the Torah you can sell your 6 year old daughter for an umoh(slave). Suppose you do and you are put in jail, would you also say but we have a Torah. Suppose you have 2 wives and you are put in jail for bigamy. Would you also say but we have a Torah? (it is only Cherem drabeinu Gershon and how dare he according to you). Suppose you abandon your children and you are put in jail (by the Torah you are only obligated up to age 6 and past that is only a mitzvah). Would you also say but we have a Torah. The answer is, there is such a thing as tikun hooilom, the good of society, or say the common good, and the Torah takes Tikun hoolom in very high regard. Your requirements goes against the common good, and hence it is against the Torah. You are purporting in the name of the Torah which it is not.

  38. Saturday evening, Oct. 2nd, while everybody in KIRYAS TOSH, Canada was sitting by Neils Hachag a PIG lured a young boy into the Succah and tried to pull down his trousers, thie kid started yelling that he will tell his father and somehow got away from him, went to the father (I know him personally) and told him what happened in front of all the people around, the father got real mad and got ahold of a hammer (to split his skull) and a pair of scissors (to cut his peyos and more) and started searching for the perpetrator, they stood by the door and tried to identify him but he was long gone, he left while it was still Shabbos (seems pikuach nefesh is doche Shabbos).
    If you have any information as to the identity of the perpertrator, please let me know
    There will be an AWARD His name is nuchem rosenberg do you know him

  39. "The answer is, there is such a thing as tikun hooilom, the good of society" please provide your source according to your statement lets throw the entire torah under the bus tikun haolim collides in-many ways with our torah....waiting for answer.

  40. Anonymous said...
    Saturday evening, Oct. 2nd, while everybody in KIRYAS TOSH, Canada was sitting by Neils Hachag a PIG lured a young boy into the Succah and tried to pull down his trousers, . . .

    Just see what kind of imbeciles we are dealing with "cut of one of my ... as long as you cut off both of my enemy's". SHAME ON YOU.