Monday, October 25, 2010

Sundays event - וְתִשְׁמְרֵנוּ מִן הַפְּנִיּות וְהַגֵּאוּת

For those of you that were not able to attend yesterday’s conference, here are some video bytes of the event.

Let me first say that it is an embarrassment and humiliation that we didn’t see any heimishe chassidishe people at the event. There is no excuse for that! We have the same problems as every one else, but we are not willing to admit it and the joke is on us, the joke is on our kids and the unfortunate results are on our kids as well.

I believe it all comes back to the root problem, and that’s the “Big shot” problem. And its not only when it comes to pedophilia, it’s on all the other fights and the dirty laundry this community airs in public and in the court systems.

"OUR PEOPLE" are too proud and too full of themselves to take advice from another person. “Who are we to listen to Dov Hikind?” “Who are we to listen to Mark Appel?” “Who are we to listen to professionals telling us how to fight this problem; we don’t even have a problem!”

This has been the problem all along. Lets take an average Satmar boy and see what his believes are. From day one he was brought up that the klausenberger rabbi is a sheigats, the belzer rabbi is a low life, and every other rabbi is nothing! Only we have a real rabbi, the rest is all garbage. Forget about Chabad, they are “gentiles”. Every one is a joke. If there was ever a protest or a gathering that Satmar did not initiate, one of the following happened: 1. You were not allowed to join that group, it was not “Derech hatorrah” 2. Satmar got involved and they grabbed the power and they took all the credit.

Under normal circumstances I could not care less what satmar does or what any other chassiddus does. If they want to live that way, fine by me. But unfortunately they took it a step further. We have major pedophilia problems in our schools (Just like every other group has) and we all know it, however since Rabbi Nuchem is the one that blew the whistle, then it is a major problem. How can we give credit to someone else? We are the ones that are in charge? How can we listen to an “Outsider” like Dr. Lipner or Mark Appel or any other educated professional, when we are suppose to be the best in everything?

It bites us back in the ass, and it hunts us back big time! Don’t fool yourself saying that we will work internally, because you are fooling no one but yourself. You are not even fooling yourself; you are just putting your head in the sand and not looking, while thousands of kids struggle painfully for the rest of their lives. Keep up that attitude and see how many ruined kids you will raise. But nevertheless, we will stand up to you and fight for the cause whether you like it or not.

Now watch a couple of videos and educate yourselves.


  1. Mazel tov to R' Nuchem (who was there, along with his wife and children) for his well deserved award and recognition!

  2. I congratulate Rabbi Rosenberg and I think that Rabbi Rosenberg should receive not only a Mezuzah, but after going thru all that he did he should be presented with the NOBEL PEACE PRISE

    Job Well done , please continue the fantastic work!!!