Monday, October 18, 2010

Agree to disagree

It is with great pleasure, with a smile on my face and my honor, to announce the good news. Ms. Vicki Pollin has been named a Semi Finalist in the “Jewish Hero Awards”.

You are probably wondering why I am so happy? Why do I really care about this award? There are a few reasons for that, but here is the most important one. It shows a sign of change. It shows a sign of momentum. It shows a signal of education. It shows – most of all – that people care and people appreciate the work that is done for the children.

Let me be the first one to admit and to confess that I might not be 100% in agreement on everything Vicki Pollin stands for. I will actually take it a step further, there might be some of her believes or standings that don’t agree with at all. There are also some items that I don’t necessarily agree with Rabbi Nuchem, but all that is even a bigger reason why I support these people when they are fighting a good cause.

See, if we will start looking for a negative in every person and will not befriend a man or a woman due to one specific item they stand for, you will find yourself isolated on an island in Africa. The biggest Rabbis years ago disagreed on Major issues  but still had the respect, admiration and mutual understanding that they “Agree to disagree” on this one issue, and then move ahead with the rest.

Rest assured that we are not talking about these rabbis disagreeing on Minor issues. We are talking about the foundation of Judaism (i.e. Birth Control. Mikvahs, Zmanim, Zionist, etc.). And that is what I am trying to instill in each and every one of you.

You don’t have to endorse Rabbi Nuchem to be your Rabbi. You don’t have to follow his way of thinking, learning or anything you might not like about him or you disagree with. However, when it comes to the issue of protecting children, and history has proven us again, again and again that he is THE ONLY ONE with courage, guts and will to fight this terrible disease, then I tell you, YOU MUST follow him and respect his opinion and support him all the way.  

Anyways, thank you all who voted for Vicki Pollin and showing that this problem is something you care about and willing to fight for. Congrats Vicki!


  1. You absolutely wrong!!! Vicki Pollin is open APIKORSES.. AND SICK individual.

  2. That Is your opinion and you are entitled to it. Moreover, I might have my own opinion on her, but that does not take away the work she is doing TODAY for children and what she advocates against child molesters. And for that, I support her!

  3. Dear blog owner,

    Don’t waste your time with this “anon” people. No matter what you write or tell them they will always have an excuse to protect the molesters. These are people who are trying to whitewash this whole problem.

    Not once did they admit that there is a problem by us, not once did they come up wit a solution. They always find a reason why everyone is bad.

    Don’t waste your breath on them.

  4. Ezra T does need me to concur with him. But it is boiling inside me and I feel I have to express the same feelings as him. I keep checking your blog every few hours for an update, if any, of that creep with the shmoine bgoodim ( the entire regalia as you said) if he has been caught. I want him caught and brought to justice. I don't know why our community is so docile so gleicgiltig (don't care) to this molestation onslaught among us. This anon is the prevalent attitude. But he goes a step further, he takes the effort to write in this blog to tear it down. He wants no blog, hush hush, quiet quiet.