Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The last man standing!

The tide is shifting, the demeanor is changing, the attitudes are altering and the walls of silence are buckling. There is an old saying “if you can sweat it out till the end, you will reap the benefits”.

The last five years have been very difficult, dreadful and horrible. The Rabbi has been spit on, been shot at, been yelled at, been put to shame, been threatened and been embarrassed and humiliated. But to his credit he stood there like a soldier and did not back down an inch. Stood there like a general of an army and went deeper and deeper into enemy’s territory.  He stood like the “Tzaddikim” of the older generations and kept plugging away, educating the public, educating the kids, supporting the victims, taking the subway to the court rooms every day for months upon months, preaching the truth on his hotlines every single week and standing his ground despite all the vicious and brutal abuse against him.

Why? Why did he do it? What gave him the energy to go on? How do you stay strong when seemingly the whole world is against you? Where do you get the energy to absorb all the abuse? How come he didn’t say after five-or-six months, I had enough! I have done my part! After all he is only human! He is only a creature of flesh and blood! Where do you get all this oomph to just let the bullets bounce off you and rush forward with full force?

Well my dear friends, there is a simple answer for all these questions and it is one word! TRUTH! When you speak the truth, you know it’s the truth, and even your opponents know it’s the truth but don’t have the guts and spirit to admit it and stand up like a man for it, then you have no issues in plucking away. Because you know and believe that at the end of the day you will be the last man standing!

You probably wonder: how is it possible? How does one man take on hundreds of Rabbis and he is the last man standing? Talmud teaches us כל מחלוקת שהיא לשם שמיים, סופה להתקיים; ושאינה לשם שמיים, אין סופה להתקיים (Any controversy waged in the service of God shall in the end be of lasting worth, but any that is not shall in the end lead to no permanent result). And we witnessed this in full view! Rabbi Nuchem waged a war against pedophilia, against crime, against abusers and against their protectors and that’s why he had G-d on his side and after all the hard work, people see who is right and who is full of it. And on the same note, this is why the Rabbis are the laughing stock of the community. Every one knows that they were in the wrong, and those who didn’t know then definitely know by now and they see straight through them and their fake behavior.

I am sure people in our community will respond and repeat the same rubbish again and again “Nuchem is not winning – He has no support – he is dreaming” and all these other expected baloney we constantly hear. Well, let me tell you something. Rabbi Nuchem is very much winning! which translates "WE ARE WINNING” “The children are winning” and I don’t expects a chassidisher guy to admit that the Rabbi is winning as I mentioned in a previous post. Chassidim don’t know how to give credit to someone else! They don’t know how to say the words I AM SORRY - I MADE A MISTAKE its not in their dictionary (If only Baruch Lebowitz could’ve pronounced these three words, he would probably be home by now). And when the time comes and they learn how to say it, life will be much better for them and for everyone else but until then Rabbi Nuchem will just keep plucking away and teaching the children how to protect themselves, teaching the parents how to not be afraid and speak out and educating the community one person at a time.

In closing I want to tell and WARN the Rabbunim that signed the letter against Rabbi Nuchem. Plenty of you have already acknowledged publicly that you made a bitter mistake, Plenty of you didn’t have the guts to acknowledge publicly but have said privately to people that you goofed up, some of you believe that you are bigger than G-d and could not bring yourself to admit it, and in return G-d gave you some very bad signs recently and punishing you for your bad deeds.

But let me say this. Do the right thing and retrieve this letter. Do it any way you want. Claim that it’s enough time, claim that you never knew this, claim you never intended to be so harsh, use any method that should still keep your pride in tact (which is after all the most important thing in your lives). But, know this fact. There are major Rabbis and Rosh Yeshivas outside of NY and some from NY that are working on a project to expose you and to show how you signed such a letter unrightfully and without knowing the story and without investigating what Yitzchok Sterns motive was! And at the end of the day you will look like a fool. Just remember I gave you a heads-up!

Never mind the fact that most of the rabbis signed on that piece of toilet paper is very weak and very not respectable EVEN in our community, let alone in the circles outside our community.

Once again. Thank you Rabbi nuchem for what you have accomplished in these past 5 years. The community is with you, The parents are with you, The righteous people are with you, the G-d Fearing people are with you and most of all HASHEM is with you and as you proclaimed from the very beginning “WE will win” and indeed you did.

"אשריך", בעולם הזה; "וטוב לך", לעולם הבא


  1. who are you to warn rabonim....????

  2. I possess whatever it is they posses. They got nothing on me! Did you see the list of the rabunnim? Mendele teitelbaum I went to yeshiva with, he left his “Mark” on the walls of the yeshiva. Kosover chazir has yet to take the side of a victim. Yisroel Hager that decided to become an “Ehrlicher yid oif the elter”? he was a low life all the years just like his son in Boro Park. Viznitz has a man on their payroll following his son since he bothers women on the streets.

    Tell me a respected rabbi there? They are ALL garbage. R’ Nuchem out does them all in Torah, Avodah AND Gemilis chasudim

  3. Keep talking and talking . The gehenum is warming up for you. You will be there for a long time together with your hero Nuchesh

  4. Once again, a great answer. What exactly is the punishment for the Rabbis that tolerated sexual abuse in the community? Because if they get “Gan Eden” then I will take my chances with Rabbi Nuchem in Gehenam!

    Did you for once think before you write a comment, or do you just write what your brains intakes on that particular moment? Did you for once step back for a second and thought that maybe he has a point? Why dosen’t the kossever, the Tinefer, The Chuluner (Munkatch) Yisroel Hugur, and all these clowns, voice their opinion regarding sexual abuse? They were so quick to sign their names for a little recognition, yet they can’t give a statement regarding this plague in our community? Think about it you pea brain!

  5. when we will address the perverts in florida roaming loose

  6. why have a blog to get such stupid comments nochums doing a fine job without u anyway

  7. To the last commenter at 10/26/10 5:57. It appears you may be a troll trying the old "divide & conquer" rule. To NIR, don't let these guys fool you, they will try every trick in the book to shut you down and ultimately NR. Chazak V'ametz..