Monday, October 4, 2010

Then and Now

There are two types of people that email me questions. The first type is the NAMBLA group. The people who throw at me every day an “intelligent” question, and hope I don’t have an answer. When I do answer them, they throw me another one, and so on and so on. To those people I don’t even bother to respond, because they really are not interested to hear an answer, they just want to keep asking and asking and to protect the abusers in the community and to promote molestations and hush-hush.

The second groups of people are those who really are struggling with this issue. On one hand they know that Rabbi Nuchem is one hundred percent right, and on the other hand they are struggling with the community they live in. they are struggling with the Rabbis who do not speak out about this issue, and they are confused with the real Daas torah how to deal with this problem.

One of the most common questions I get from them is. “ then and Now” How come we didn’t hear of these problems 50 years ago? Where were the Rabbis 50 years ago, 70 years ago and 100 years ago?

I will answer this question and give you the reasons and explanations of this whole issue. Let me first preface this with one simple explanation.

No matter what happened 50 years ago or 100 years ago, it should not really make a difference on how we tackle a problem today! Just because there was no such a thing as “Girls schools” 80 years ago, does not mean that we should not have one in today’s generation. Just because Things were not dealt with 100 years ago, does not mean that we can not tackle a problem in the community, but nevertheless here are two facts.

1.  There were problems 100 years ago and there were action then as well. The difference is very simple. Back then when someone molested a boy, his destiny was: A date with the Matzo oven on Erev Pesach! They took an individual like that and physically harmed him and threw him in to the oven or dumped him into the lake just like they did with a “Mussir” or with any other major problem in the community. The same goes for even 50 years ago, when you could not do these kinds of things anymore here in the USA, The shammas R’ Cheskel Wertzberger met with the offender along with 2-3 other people and beat the living crap out of this individual.

2.   You can not compare years ago to toady! Even as close as only 30 years ago, a Get (divorce) was dealt differently with, A swindler was dealt differently with and any kind of community issues were dealt differently as its being dealt today! The strong hand of the Law, changed the way we deal in our community with issues, and to a certain extend gave the offenders some protection from citizens abuse.

The bottom line is: These problems were always dealt with Action and severe punishments. However, in today’s day and age. The law of the land is very strong and you must abide by it! And that goes both ways! You can not harm a man anymore like you used to or he will have you arrested and thrown into prison, including if you are a rabbi in the community and, you can not punish a man with your own law and your style of punishment and revenge.

In conclusion you have only one choice! And that is to make sure you follow the law and to ALLOW the law of land to keep safety and civility among us. And you must respect the land that we live in and allow its judicial system to deal with criminals.

100 years ago if there was a murderer in Debretzin, Hungary. The community went to that guy’s house in middle of the night (with the approval of the Rabbis) and dumped his sorry ass in the ocean and no soul had a clue what happened. Today you will not find one Rabbi condoning such action, they will tell you to call the Police and dump him in prison. Why a molester should be any different is mind boggling! Why not give a murderer a chance for healing as well? Why not punish him and make him say Tehillim 3 times and send him to therapy?

I think the main issue in our community is the fact that you don’t realize the severity of a molester among us! You don’t comprehend the damage a monster like that, inflicts upon his young victims! You don’t grasp the hurt that a Yissuscher (Barry) Kohn from New Square leaves on a 7 year old child after he violently rapes her repeatedly! You cant imagine the lifetime pain and suffering a 11 year old boy is left with, after a pig like Betzalel Dym has intercourse with him and warns him to don’t tell anyone.

Please! do me a favor sit down right now, close your eyes, thing of your 8 year old Moshele or your 9 year old Ruchele and envision how Yechiel Brauner takes off Moshele’s pants and inserts his penis in to his back side! Is that very graphic for you? GOOD! Is that very painful to even thing? Hmmmm! Do you want to strangle him to death now? I hope so, otherwise please give up your parenthood card, and hire a full time nanny!

Imagine Yoily Oberlander raping your 11 year old Ruchele (just like he did in Monsey, NY) and leaving her to a life full of pain forever. Now, imagine even a worst part. You found out that The Rabbi said you can not testify against him, it’s forbidden! Let me tell you what your next move will be (since history proved it 50 times). You will call Rabbi Nuchem and cry for help! That’s exactly what the other victims did. Not because rabbi nuchem is their rabbi, Not because Rabbi nuchem is the holiest man on the planet. But because you will then see, that he is absolutely right and correct and you will be a lost man with out him!

Ladies and gentleman. It’s high time to end this vicious cycle! It’s high time to unite under Rabbi Nuchem for the sake of a clean community, for the sake of a molesting-free zone in our schools, for the sake of a lifetime free of pain for our kids generation and for no other reason but that the man is right and he deserves our support.


  1. Oy are you right!!
    And let me take the opportunity to reach out to Rabbi Bald of Irgun Shiurei Torah. Please don't let YAAKOV TUVIA WEISER give shiurim on your program. He is undeniably a talmid chochom, however it is "neveiloh toivoh haymenu", he is a GAY menuval that does mishkav zochor with bochurim, he keeps moving from one yeshivah to another but not a word is told to the public. It is about time that the public wakes up and demands action from the rabbonim. Long Live R' Nuchem.

  2. You have great point! but please use clean words.

  3. To admin.
    Its very bad that you talk bad about Reb YAAKOV TUVIA WEISER... I learned by him 2 years.. I have about 50 Chaverim that I know well. I asked many of them. NOBODY claims any bad behavior.. its so easy to "just say" he is a GAY menuval that does mishkav zochor with bochurim,
    its not proven by anybody... so don't just talk nonsense.

  4. I am no historian. I think inderheim (in the old home) the problems of sexual abuse of minors was much worse. I am curious what others have to say. That does not mean that it has to be perpetuated here. I still remember the old melamdim beating us makes retzach (murderous hitting). No parent today would permit it. Borech hashem, more or less, this is a thing of the past. Even more so, sexual abuse has to be eradicated, oiker min hashoresh zein.

  5. Another filthy piece of Loshan hora..

  6. Well, its not me who made that comment, it was a commenter. but never the less the guy claims that he was abused by him, and he has a voice here. I was abused by Chaim Aryeh Braver and thousands of kids were NOT, but I WAS so 50 of you not being abused does not make it NONSENSE!

  7. bottom line it is time to unite with UOJ nochum and the others to expose these menuvalim

    in addition the married men who are sleeping with underage girls also need to be exposed
    they are no different then molesters

    you need to make a list of the enabler rabbis