Monday, October 25, 2010

The one and only!

 הָדָר הוּא לְכָל-חֲסִידָיו:

The following is a video clip of our HERO and Rabbi getting a well deserved plaque for his tireless work to stand up for the kids in the community.

Everyone with a little bit of brains can see the work that Rabbi Nuchem invests every single day! Rabbi you deserve it! We owe our lives for you for taking it on the chin for us. For taking a bullet for us. For never backing down one inch against people who don’t have the guts to do right.

There will soon be a time where everyone will realizes what you do for us and our children (They know already now – but its not politically correct to admit it), and the LAG LAG Rabbis will be the one embarrassed to walk the streets of our community.
יְהַלְלוּ שְׁמוֹ בְמָחוֹל;    בְּתף וְכִנּוֹר, יְזַמְּרוּ-לוֹ

(We will have the video of the  full speech shortly)


  1. I never thought I will say this, but I must admit, I am seeing now that R’ Nuchem is right and he means it sincerely. I am apologizing to you in public R’ Nuchem, and you got my full support from now on.

  2. I wanted to go but I was afraid. Afraid that the terrorists are watching from cars outside and they are snapping pictures. I asked a friend to accompany me, the same, he was afraid. Maybe there were more invisible people like me then the people in attendance. I watched this clip and the other clips you posted, especially Yoeli Engelman made me cry. I will watch the entire program once it is available. Why don't you put Meir Dascalowitz on your wall of shame?

  3. I congratulate Rabbi Rosenberg and I think that Rabbi Rosenberg should receive not only a Mezuzah, but after going thru all that he did he should be presented with the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE

    Job Well done , please continue the fantastic work!!!

    I think and hope that soon will come the day that everybody will see what fake funy frauds this rabbies / Leaders are in this religion community!!!

    with Hashems help will bring them down !!!

    Rebe Nuchem may Hasem give you health and strenth to continue this holy work of yours!!!


  4. we need full speech on Video. Please every week speech should be on Video too, it gives a better education.
    Nuchem I know you from the 1970 years. you are doing great job

  5. Yes, he is doing good job.. but would do a much better job if he would work out a deal with Rabbunim...

  6. Well he tried, but they had conditions and restrictions, in order to protect their pride and "name" in the community. And Rabbi Nuchem works for the truth, not for the Rabbis

  7. Press conference: To show Jewish community support for prosecution of sex offenders and avert any possible plea bargain without prison time for notorious sex offender, Meir Dascalowitz. Dascalowitz is scheduled to appear in Kings County Supreme Court on Wednesday, December 8, 9:00 am. He is charged with 200 felony counts of criminal sexual activity with a child under 15 years of age.

    When: Monday, Dec. 6, 3:00 pm

    Where: in front of the Kings County Office of the District Attorney: 350 Jay St. Brooklyn, NY 11201

    Dr. Asher Lipner, Executive Vice President, Jewish Board of Advocates for Children
    Joel Engelman, Co-Founder Jewish Survivors Network
    Mrs. Pearl Engelman, Mother of a victim of sexual abuse
    And others TBA

    JSafe: The Jewish Institute Supporting an Abuse-Free Environment
    Jewish Board of Advocates for Children
    Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg (Advocate for Victims of Sex Abuse and blogger of Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg’s Hotline);
    The Voice of Justice
    Jewish Parents for Safe Yeshivos

    On May 11, 2010 Meir Dascalowitz, a hasidic Jew who lived in Williamsburg was arrested by the New York City Police for molesting a boy under 15 every month for over a half a year in a ritual bath in Williamsburg. According to the NYS database, webcrims, he was booked on the basis of 200! felony charges of criminal sexual activity with a minor under 15 years of age (PL 130.45 01). There were additional misdemeanor charges. (Kings County Supreme Court: case # 04054-2010). When Dascalowitz was arrested he voluntarily confessed to assaulting many boys. The DA is also aware of corroborating medical evidence.
    The victim’s parents have cooperated with the police in Brooklyn’s Sex Crimes Unit and the Office of the Kings County District Attorney in seeking justice to protect their own child and other children from this monstrous predator.
    Dascalowitz’s enablers and supporters have conducted a campaign of harassment to force the parents to drop their case. The parents of the victim have been steadfast. They have endured being thrown out of their synagogue; a scurrilous campaign of innuendo, and other acts of attempted witness intimidation, which are being investigated by the DA’s Office.
    Ultra Orthodox Jews are no longer willing to cover up sex abuse in their communities. The victim’s parents are part of a trend in the orthodox world to cooperate more closely with the criminal justice system in flushing out these monsters.
    Around Dec 1, 2010 the parents of the victim had a phone conversation with the DA’s office; they informed the parents that the DA was contemplating entering a plea bargain. The terms of this proposed plea bargain might include probation WITHOUT ANY JAIL TIME. It is not even clear if the gravity of the charges were to be reflected in the guilty plea and whether Dascalowitz would be classified as a registered sex offender, and thereafter placed on the public Megan's Law sex offender registry.
    The parents rightfully consider this potential plea bargain a miscarriage of justice, a hindrance to their son’s recovery from his abuse, a slap in the face of their steadfast persistence in pursuing this case, and an act that would endanger children in Williamsburg. A plea bargain is not necessary. The evidence is strong. Dascalowitz has confessed, and there is physical evidence in addition to the victim’s accounts.
    We respectfully urge the Kings County District Attorney to reject the possibility of such a plea bargain. If such a plea bargain is offered by the DA, we respectfully ask the presiding judge, the Honorable Danny K Chun, to refuse to accept it.
    Through separate communications we are urging concerned citizens of all faiths to communicate with the District Attorney’s office to persuade him to reverse the position communicated by his office.