Sunday, June 26, 2011


דער מנובל וואס האט מאלעסטעט לעצטע וואך 2 קינדער אין בעלזער בית המדרש אויף 15טע עוועניו איז שוין ארעסטירט - איינער פון די בעלזער דיינים מיט א לויער האבען עהם איבער געגעבען צו די פאליציי זיין נאמען איז: מנחם דייטש, 19 יאר אלט,ער וואינט אויף 15טע עוועניו  

The Molester of 2 boys in Belz Shul last week is under arrest A Belz dayan and a lawyer turned him in
His name is: Menachem Deutsch, age 19 He lives on 15th Avenue
Rabbi Nuchem was very instrumental in this quick arrest of this scumbag and in the process that led to it.

There was major communication with the Belz authorities of Eretz Yisroel, and to the credit of the Belzer Rabbi, he made sure that the right thing was done.

There will still be major announcement on how it all happened,  and exactly what the process was.
And let this be a warning to all you molesters out there and to all white-washers out there.

The jig is up and we have made the move to phase two. Rabbi Nuchem is being consulted with every case, the youth of today love him and respect his work and most of kllal Yisroel realizes by now that he is the one responsible for the cleaner community we are living in and for the awareness that is happening out there.

We are also aware of the couple individuals that tried to white wash this story as well, and shame to you all.  Your day will come!

And to the satmar, New Square, Vizhnitz, Pupa, Etc. community, I urge you: Join the wagon and hop on it. You guys are always a day late and a penny short, and then you get in the front of the line and take credit for it (been like this with satmar since the 1950’s). BELZER Rabbi should be applauded for his stance and for his strong position to make sure that this story won’t be whitewashed.

There is plenty of small details that transpired here (And we will release it with due time) but the truth prevailed, the strong stance of Rabbi Nuchem triumphed and the hard work that Rabbi Nuchem has invested into our hearts shined thorugh with flying colors.

May God watch over us and give Rabbi Nuchem the strength to continue with his holy war and the tireless work he brings to our community.


  1. Thank you Rabbi Rosenberg for your wonderful work in getting these subhumans out of our Society.

  2. thank you reb nuchem you are changing the world