Tuesday, June 28, 2011


“Deny! Deny! Deny!” That’s was the message that President Clinton told to his secretary Monica Lewinski when the scandal broke, years ago.

“Don’t talk about it, and it will go away” That was the message that Congressman Weiner told his internet partner in crime when the scandal broke, weeks ago.

“I will put my head in the sand, and they won’t see me” that’s what the “Baas-Hyena” (type of bird)” does when she sees the hunter aiming his bow and arrow at her. She figures if she can’t see him, he can’t see her either.

“Don’t listen to Nuchem’s hotline” that’s what the Rabbi’s say today in order to convince you that the streets are clean.

Ladies and Gentleman, as the facts of this Belz-molesting-story is coming to light and the picture is developing, it is starting to become clear that the local community and rabbis’ WERE trying to hide it and whitewash it. Only the fact that the victims’ father alerted Rabbi Nuchem, is what kept this story alive and was made public.

I have a question for everyone. In the secular world, all over the USA, there is a law that any sex offender, molester or rapist has to be registered with the USA government and its public record for the entire neighborhood to see, so they can watch him and shield their children from him. So why don’t the yiddisher community deserve the same courtesy that we should know who the molesters are? Where they live? When the last time they molested? Where he davens, etc?

How many lives would’ve been saved if we knew Yechiel brauner would’ve been exposed 20 years ago? How many Jewish souls would’ve been in a nice normal marriage, if not for the fact that they were raped, molested, abused by some pervert that the Skuelener rabbi decided to protect?

How many Joel-Engelmann’s of the world would we avoid if the Rabbis would’ve taken care on the students and do a background-check on the school teachers and workers? How many Yiddishe neshumes would we have saved if we were not so busy protecting the name of the perverts, molesters and rapists?

Why is it, that there is not a group of fathers and mothers taking action and demanding complete protection for their own kids?  Why is it that we even need a Rabbi Nuchem to make you aware of this?  Before you buy a bike for your kid, you should rather check if his classroom is safe? If his neighbors are not sex-offenders?

When will we make the protection of our kids a bigger priority than Nuchem Rosenberg? When will we just say enough is enough, and these Rabbis can’t just fool us every day with a different story?

Let’s check out this numbers! Let’s see who the true leaders are. These are the average numbers of Chassidim these rabbis have in their shuls, compared to the verified (Counter) number that Rabbi Nuchem has.

Satmar            3,000 (both beheimes together)     
Munkatch       150 (only 14 of them are shomer shabbas)
Pupa               299 (Dasklowitz is gone already)
Dinev                 13 (When it rains Friday night)

Rabbi Nuchem has double that amount of hits on a plain Tuesday! You know why? Because the regular public knows who is right and who is fake, but they can’t fight the powers of the yeshivas and community leaders. They are being oppressed by city hall… But it’s a matter of time before the public will explode and tell the Rabbis to take a hike.

But Raboisai, every day we wait, another Jewish soul is violated and ruined for life.  


  1. ר' נחום איז זענט עתיד ליתן את הדין פאר מפרסם זיין דעם טריפה'נעם בלאג וואס רופט פאר פריקת עול, ס'איז נישטא קיין שום בארעכטוגונג בעולם אויף דעם, דאס גייט אריין בגדר מסית ומדיח, און די ביזט עתיד ליתן את הדין אויף יעדן נפש מישראל וואס קומט אהן אהין צוליב דיין אינפארמאציע, דער ציעל - מעג עס זיין ווי כשר אימער, קען בשו"א נישט כשר'ן דעם טריפה'נעם מיטל, זעט אויס אז דער שטן פארגינט דיר נישט דיינע אויפטוהען, און וויל דיך מכשיל זיין מיטן ערגסטן, חכמים הזהרו בדבריכם ויישר כוחך.

  2. Admou"r Dovid Schmoigerman of Creedmoor has 150 quintillion (150,000,000,000,000,000) Chassidim - on the welfare rolls.