Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The good – the bad – the ugly

Just a little video to see how different people react to a situation.

In the first video, you will see Rabbi Aaron Rothenberg, thanking hashem for his health, thanking the people that prayed for him, and asking for forgiveness for those who hurt him.

In the 2nd video you will see the pictured and videos of the whole terror group and all involved

Well, rabbi Rothenberg, you are a noble man and you are a forgiving man, but the rest of us demand Justice and we demand accountability. Five years of torture will not go for none! Ten years of molesting children will not go for none! Twenty years of fooling the public will not be tolerated!
May hashem grant you a speedy recovery and may he grant you nachas of your family, and rest assured that the majority of Klal yisroel feels for you and prays for you and understand the pain and suffering you are enduring.

חיים אהרן בן חי' שרה לרפו"ש בקרוב בתושח"י

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