Monday, June 27, 2011

Lucky Break?

We are Yiddisher people and we believe that everything that happens in the world has a goal and an objective. Everything is done from the one-above and nothing happens by mistake.

The story that happened in Belz and the major “Siyata D’shmaya” we had in capturing this guy and finding out his info was amazing. To the naked eye, it seems as this was an easy one: He molested, they caught him, and he surrendered. No No No! It was much more complicated than that and a lot of hard work went in to this case to apprehend this sick scumbag and there was a lot of “inside” action before you saw the end result.

We will still discuss the whole “back-and-forth” that happened here, at a later time. But now I want to concentrate on the overall picture.

The story that happened in Belz is NOT an isolated story. It is not a “shocking” story that happens once in ten years and we are shocked about it. Unfortunately it happens on a daily basis and for the most part it never comes out in the public. We had a major break, when the father of the victim immediately called Rabbi Nuchem and told him about the incident (By the way: The father got pressure from HIS community for that, and we will still discuss that part at a later date, we won’t let it go). We also had had great “Siyata D’shmaya” that a couple of things went our way and put this case on the front burners. We are also very appreciative to the NEW YORK POST that worked very closely with us and helped out with tremendous information.

There still were people that tried to WHITEWASH this story, that pressured and scolded the father for making it public, and as thankful as I am to the head of the belz community, it was done more due to the fact that they had “No choice” it was going to be out there anyways. However, its still a giant step in the right direction and I give them full credit for them.

Let’s concentrate for one second on this poor victim. This little kid went through hell this past week. He was abused for almost an hour, was questioned by the NYPD, was taken to the hospital for testing and evidence retrieval, and this is still the easy part. Now comes the emotional stress, the long-term effect (i.e. depression, aggression, etc.) and the long road of recovery. (we wish this poor victim a full recovery along with a productive, healthy, normal life ahead IY”H).

WHY? WHY? WHY? Why are there still people in our circles that want to whitewash this? Why are there still people in in our community that don’t get it? Why are there still people in this area that still think it’s an isolated story? Why do our Rabbis’ turning a blind eye to this terrible disease? Why do we need to have more victims in order to tackle this problem? Why does your kid need to be raped and molested before YOU get involved in this fight? Why are we ignoring Rabbi Nuchem for 5 years when it’s crystal clear by now that we have a MAJOR problem on our hands?

Nuchem Rosenberg is Meshiga, he is a whacko,  he loves attention, He fantasizes, he fabricates stories, he is a low life, he himself is a molester, he never made one mikvah in his life, and he is a big Am ha-urets! Fine! Agreed!  But he is not asking you that you should come with a kvitel to him! He is not asking you to give him money! He is not asking you for your first-born, he is not asking you to do anything but to watch your children and to report molesters, abusers and rapist! Is that too much? Is that so hard to do? Every single day a new story develops in our community (that we know off) and you still think he makes it up? Do you know how close it was that this story was never made public? God knows that the Shomrim cover it up, God knows that the Rabbis cover it up and God knows that if not for the hard work of rabbi Nuchem all of these would’ve been hidden and whitewashed!

WHY? WHY? WHY? Why don’t we deserve a clean community? Why don’t we demand a clean community? Why does every school in the USA have background checks on every school employee, and we don’t? Why are we so blind and reluctant to protect our young precious kids? Why are we so scared to come forwards? Why are we inflicting pain on ourselves for the sake of nothing? Why are there 25 comments on VIN and Failed Messiah, defending this guy when he himself turned himself in? Why are we so naïve and dumb the way we think? Why are we still denying the problem we have? And last but not least WHY IS rabbi Nuchem still in Cheirem?

Mendele Teitelbaum is one of the dirty-38 that signed against Rabbi Nuchem – He himself was the biggest Mishkav-Zuchernik in Monroe yeshiva, and you wonder why?

Moshe green, Chaim Shie Halberstam and many more said Weingarten is a Tzadik, after the Antwerp community released black-on-white evidence of the horror and rape he submitted on his own daughter and they still defended him, and you wonder why?

Rabbis that admit today they never investigated this story, or “looked into it” but believed one chazir Stern that’s why they signed, and regret it a million times, and you wonder why?

The dinever chazir knows the names of the molesters that happened by his shul and refuses to give it to the NYPD, and you wonder why?

Except for one of the undersigned, no one granted me an interview over the past 6 months to explain to me why they signed it, their basis to the cheirem, and the one that did, cried with tears to me on his big mistake, and you wonder why?

You heard the tapes of New Square where management says it in simple Yiddish “ You are scared of the molesters, move away” They don’t deny it, they just tell you get out!  And we are all sitting like lame ducks and just make believe we didn’t hear it.  Ignore it and live life  as nothing happened, and you wonder why?

You wonder why our youth are sliding off the derech in record numbers? You wonder why our generation X crowds (20s and 30s) don’t step into a shul to daven for weeks and months. You wonder why?  There is not one Rabbi with the guts to say Rabbi Nuchem you are right and we must step in to stop this disaster!

The bottom line is very simple! This Is YOUR kids we are talking about and if you think it only happens to HIS kids, you are in for a shock. This poor belzer family, could not see this coming, A day before the inicident he did not dream of this nightmare that will plague him for the rest of his life. The poor kid just walked by a shul and an hour later he was raped! He did nothing, he did not go to Manhattan, he did not go on the subway , he did not go to the mikvah, he did not go into an elevator with a shvartze, he simply walked through the street in front of a shul.

So you think you are safe? It only happens to “other” people?   Keep dreaming, wishing, whitewashing, and when you wake up with a problem, blame no one but yourself

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