Monday, June 6, 2011

סוף גנב לתליה

The pain and agony of the New Square trauma is still boiling in me, and it should be boiling in every Jewish soul. I believe that every Jewish Chasidic and non-Chasidic Jew must listen to the audio of Mr. Fromowits (a former resident of the New Square town) and the Dayan of the New-Square village. It is mind-boggling, heart-breaking, eye-opening, cold-blooded, full of lies, and blatant abuse, oppression, control and full of incest, rape and unlawful – unTorah living.
I want to discuss the conversation taking place. You will hear how Mr. fromowitz bitterly and tearfully complains about the molestation in the synagogue, about the sexual tension in the town, about torture he received, about the pain he got and about the torture the community threw upon his kids in order to torture their father.
NOT ONCE did this dayan  deny any of the accusations, NOT ONCE did he admit to the wrong doing other than the words “It’s more complicated than that”, NOT ONCE did he try to help this poor father in tears and it is so obvious that this guy’s hands are tied and controlled by the town officials.
In this second tape, you will hear how the number-one henchmen of the rabbi, the number-one terror monger, the Rushe Mendel Berger, does not even flinch when Mr. fromowitz discusses the sexual abuse in the rabbis Synagogue, he merely advises him what to do, in order to make the community happy (Not to pray in the freewald synagogue, rather walk to Monsey or drive away before the Sabbath).
These people would like you to believe that they are the holy ones, and the victims are indeed the “Trouble-makers”! They would like you to believe that the community is not even involved in any action; it’s literally done by a couple of wild and out-of-control teenagers.
How dare they? Everything is recorded, everything is on record, and every move in that town is masterminded all the way from the top. 
How dare this filthy community mess with the minds of 9 and 10 year olds? How dare they dismiss everything the Torah stand for and push their own laws upon a community? Hitler put a bullet into our kids; New Square tortures them first and then burns them alive!
Did you ever wonder why new Square has the most scandals in the Chassidic community? Did you ever think how does it add up that per capita this community releases the most Off-The-Derech boys and girls than any other Chassidic or Jewish community?  You just saw a perfect example how a Jewish soul means nothing to them! You just saw a perfect example of what their priorities are! You just got a glimpse of the pain and cruelty they inflict on their own community. You heard the little-ten-year-old repeats that his teacher told him not to come back to school or they will give him a beating! Was that also a wild teenager that told him that, or was it a principal and an official of the town? How shameful! Hear how this scumbag Mendel Berger admits there was a meeting on Sunday and he talks in the name of the leadership! He says that the Rabbi personally told him to make sure that Freewald is not happening, Listen how he says to Mr. Fromowits and does a 180 degree on him and blames him for sending his kids to school and that why the community discusses all the pain they did on him. It’s Mr. Fromowits fault that it happened to him, he brought it on himself! THE NAZIS WORKED THAT WAY!
I have spoken to a man that lives in New Square, and told me “Off the record” That the FBI has heard these tapes and many more (Some of the tapes are being withheld from the public on the advice of the attorney). He gave me the opportunity to listen over the phone to a recording that shows Black-on-white that David Twerskey YM”S and his henchmen were involved in every single terror act in that community.
Ladies and gentleman, there is a silver lining to this madness! Judgment day is just around the corner and not a minute too soon! May all this people get the punishment they deserve and may the whole world see who was behind all these terror acts! Get ready for a wake-up call and for a dose of reality.
Now let’s sum up what we heard on these tapes and see the daily-routine of this community.
Mr. Fromowitz tells Mendel Berger that he can’t pray in the main synagogue because there are known molesters praying there (he mentions them by name) and Berger answers him.. Just Pray at home, or go away for the Shabbat. ARE YOU FOR REAL?  He does not tell him, we will get rid of these molesters, he does not tell him, you are wrong, we don’t have molesters, he does not tell him we will throw out these molesters, he tells him Go away for the weekend.
Mr.  Fromowitz tells the Dayan of New-Square that he is being abused and his kids are being abused and demands to know why the Torah laws are being ignored and why the community leaders are overpowering the villagers, and the Dayan just keeps saying “We must sit down and talk more”
You hear on these tapes that everything was approved by meetings and everything done is approved and endorsed by the top-level leaders in this community including the big terror himself David “The henchmen” Twersky, and they will continue to do so until they get him out of town (which they accomplished, as Mr. Fromowitz left town last week).
Everything Rabbi Nuchem has been telling us that’s going on over there is slowly-but-surley coming out to be true! Ladies and gentleman, I am the first one to tell you that I wish that everything Rabbi Nuchem is telling us would be fantasies, but the unfortunate truth is that it is reality and the ill-fated reality is, that it is even worst than that. There is still a lot of garbage that has not leaked yet and has not been made public record yet. New-Square is a town of abuse, incest, S’dom and Amorah, and it has been going on under to governance and guidance of its grand Rabbi David “The henchmen” Twersky!
I know it is very painful for a Jewish man to all of a sudden realize and admit that a rabbi they believed in was found to be a gangster and scumbag! It is agonizing to face the reality that Rabbi Nuchem was right all these years and we ignored him and didn’t believe him and every day we find out that he was ONE MILLION PERCENT right! It is heart-breaking to see that a town that was created to get away from all the filth on the streets, makes Manhattan look like a shrine! But ladies and gentleman we must face reality and we must tackle the problem! We cannot sit back and let this go on for one more day! The only way to get rid of a problem, is to fix it and make sure its healed, not by looking away and make believe it’s not there! We have looked away for way too long and the time has come to repent and fix what we are guilty off!
Thank you again Rabbi Nuchem for all your hard work, for your non-stop effort, for giving your life away for this great cause and for not being afraid to speak the truth!

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