Thursday, June 2, 2011

It’s not funny

There is an old Yiddish saying  ווען דער נאר וואלט נישט געווען מיינער, וואלט איך אויכעט געלאכט which translates: If the fool would not be my problem, I would‘ve laughed myself. In other words the situation is so sad; that it is not laughable.
The debacle that transpired the past 10 days in the Jewland town of New Square is sad, bitter, nasty and gloomy. The after-effects might hurt the Jewish nation far more than the mind can comprehend. The after-effects of this terrible Chillul Hashem that the New Square regime created, denied, took responsibility, denied again, hired a PR firm, had no comment, condemned, not-really condemned and  made it into the JOKE of the century, the Chilul Hashem of the century, will hurt us for many generations to come.
Your average religious Jew that followed the rabbinical authority and followed Rabbis the way they were thought to do, and continued that tradition to their future generations,  kids and grandchildren, finally woke up. For the first time ever they paused and said: Hold on a second! What am I doing with my life! Whom am I following! Are these really people that I am associated with and believe in them!
Don’t get me wrong, this is not the first time in our history that a rabbi did something wrong, but I will explain to you the difference. David Twersky is considered today one of the top-5 rabbis in the world, he is one of the older ones, one of the bigger ones, one of the smarter ones, one of the only Chassidic  groups that has a non-Chassidic following and now his true colors finally came shining through. Rabbi Nuchem has told us a very long time ago, who this guy is and what kind of fraud he is, but the majority said: It can’t be! He is the Squarer rabbi! He is a good man! Etc. etc.
As much as everyone is busy with the politics, busy with all the great one-liners and enjoys the hoopla action that this story created, we forget and stop to think for a second the disastrous long-term effect this just did to us and the long-term embarrassments and shame this will be on us. This will hurt us outside the community and even stronger inside the community.
The respect of “Religious Jew” just took its final nail in the coffin and we don’t receive an inch of respect for being a Jewish man and we get no commiseration and admiration for our status quo. 
You can thank Rabbi Twersky for that.
The respect of a Rabbi in any community and the respect of any “Real” community leader, just went out the window since everyone sees the true colors of Square
You can thank Rabbi Twersky for that.
The respect we had in the Federal government and the leniency we got as a “respected Jewish man” is gone – It all started when New Square did that in 1998, but was just reconfirmed stronger.
You can thank Rabbi Twersky for that.
But instead of coming out and apologizing to klal Yisroel, they chose a different route. First they went to: phase 1 - they ignored.
They made believe like they don’t know what we are talking about – that didn’t work, so they went to: phase 2 - They denied.
They don’t know anything about it and people are just talking, but of course the public didn’t buy it and rightfully so demanded answers. So no big problem, they went to: Phase 3 – Attack.
Let’s attack Mr. Rothenberg, lets uncover his private life, his children, he is a low life and garbage. But this didn’t hold long, as people realized that it is false and he is a respected man and good-standing individual, so New Square went to: phase 4 – Condemn.
The rabbi of New Square (Jewland) went in front of a couple of 18-year-old-boys and condemned violence in the community. (This skunk did not mention anyone by name and didn’t have the heart to say out in public PRAY FOR Mr. Rothenberg. The back lash was fierce; people demanded a true apology and denouncement, so they went to Phase 5 – The media
They gave the worst possible interview to AMNI magazine and answered all the “Soft-ball-questions” to their advantage and did it with full cooperation from the editors of the magazine and did not get one tough question whatsoever. The public laughed at this interview and saw the Bull Shit and fake garabage this was, so they went to the final Phase, phase 6 – outrage
“How dare they hire that self-hating-Jew lawyer”?  “How dare they go to the government”?
The bottom line, the community finally came to their senses and realizing the fake, fraud and phony he is and they are not willing to white-wash it again. It’s about time that we are here; it’s about time that the feds are involved. Rabbi Nuchem has been crying on his hotlines for 5 years for this, and every one ignored it.
Raboisai it’s our duty to keep the pressure going, the investigations on the forefront, and it is our obligation to make sure that we uncover the filth, rape, incest, molesting, black mailing, Nazi-style torture and Germany-ways of control and make sure that the innocent victims the residents of JewLand get to live a life that every human is entitled to. We have to make sure that every Jewish man can pray at 8 AM on Shabbos if he wants to. We have to make sure that fathers, mothers and little infants should not live in fear of a Taliban regime. And I promise you today that I will do my part to help this cause, and so will Rabbi Nuchem. It is vital that you show Rabbi Nuchem the support that he needs and we show the federal government that the majority of Klal Yisroel is not corrupt and we DO want to get rid of the bad apples.

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