Wednesday, June 22, 2011

History repeats itself

Despite all that has been happening over the past years in the Chassidic world, despite all the terror, all the molestations and the entire daily-routine in our lives, it is time to take a look at ourselves and fairly review our life style and see if this is what the Baal Shem tov had in mind when he founded Chassidism and if this is what you believe is right. Let’s also see why he felt then, that we need a chsiddus movement.
Rabbi Nuchem has been preaching for years now, begging us to live a safer life style, a holier life, a secure school cycle and a safe street. I believe the problem is even deeper, as New-Square proved to us, as Satmar has been proving to us for the longest time, as Bobov and Vizhnitz all are showing true colors of our values today.

The Baal Shem Tov is known as the Rabbi of Chassidus, but history tells us that he was actually the second man that joined the movement and he spread it like a wild fire. The actual founder of the movement was a man name R’ Yakkov Shesport (Author of Avnei Yaakov) and he is also mentioned a couple of times in the sefer V’Yoel Moshe, authored by the late Satmar Rabbi and many more places.
Shabsi Tzvi’s beginning years were as holy as it can get. Shabzi Tzvi was a holy man, a god-fearing man and had hundreds of thousands of followers, among them the biggest rabbis of his times. As we all know Shabsi tzvi went off in his later years (There are many famous stories why and how it happened) and the first one to notice it was R’ Yakkov Shesport.  To give you an idea, on what level Shabsi Tzvi was, You must see the sefer Avnei Yakkov where R’ Yakkov actually says that when Shabsi Tzvi came out of the Mikvah on Friday afternoon, everyone around him was able to smell the Gan Eden right there and then. And this is the same man that was the first one to come out against him. R’ Yakkov saw how he slipped and was the first one to come out in public and warned everyone that this man is sliding away from Jewish believes, he is involved with terrible opinions and klal Israel is in great danger.
As you can imagine, there was an uproar on R’ Yakkov and the bottom line was that after a year or so, R’ Yakkov was put into Cheirem (isolation) by the rabbis of that generation, and his life was in danger and had to leave town. He ran to Amsterdam, where he lived the rest of his life and he is buried there.
A generation later the Ba’al Shem tov joined the mission  along with many Rabunnim, by then it was crystal clear that Shabzi Tzvi was off and wrong, and went after the followers of Shatz (Caat Shatz) and with his movement he totally destroyed them and Chassidism-lifestyle  was born and made into dynasties.
And now……
I believe history is repeating itself to the tea. Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg is a man with guts and conviction and stands up for what’s right just like the Avnei Yaakov did, and of course he is paying the same price the he did.
Let’s take a close-up look at this picture and let’s put all politics aside and examine what’s happening in our communities, how the blind are leading the blind and how we just sit here and take it, knowing full well that we are led down the wrong path.
Interestingly enough, I will speak to the same people in public and in private and they will tell me in private that Rabbi Nuchem is one million percent right. This further proves us that we have no value of what we believe in, we are following the so called leaders and we are scared to speak our own mind. This man (Just like the Avnei Yaakov) should be taken on a golden platter through the streets of Brooklyn and held in the highest esteem possible.
No one in our recent history was put in cheirem by any rabbi. It must make you think, why is that? Why was only Rabbi Nuchem picked out as the men to be put in cheirem? There are convicted molesters, convicted murderers, convicted con artist and rapists, etc. and no one got that special treatment of being put into isolation? Do you know why? Very simple, cause the others don’t cause a threat to the rabbis. The rabbis don’t care if you are a molester or a rapist they only care that their prestige and honor should be on top of the list.
Since they know full well that Rabbi Nuchem is right and Rabbi Nuchem speaks the truth and their bull shit will be exposed by Rabbi Nuchem they did everything in their power to shut him down.  Little did they know that it won’t work, and many regret that move but this was their intention and that is the only reason they put him into cheirem.
I further believe, that just like in the times by R’ Yaakov Shesport it took a generation before the rest of the world realized that he was right and unjustified put into cheirem, Our generation as well will eventually realize that this man was done wrong and the rabbis acted as self-defense. ( I actually believe we are a step ahead, because the community ALREADY knows that he was done wrong, but they don’t have the guts YET to go against this so called leaders, but times are a changing and it won’t take long).

Molestation – New Square
People have been asking me, how come Rabbi Nuchem is busy with New Square, since it is a matter nothing to do with molestation? Well I think a six-year old can figure out the connection, but never the less I will explain it to you haters that can’t handle the truth.
Molestation is a plague in our community for one reason and one reason only! The molesters know that they have an open field and can get away with it, since no rabbi will do anything about it for the obvious reason: Most of them are molesters themselves and they want to keep this whole issue quiet.  
New Square in particular has one of the highest molestation and rape episodes in our community and the last two weeks gave you the perfect picture for it. It’s a community run by henchmen by a Rabbi with his kids that decide what goes and what does not! Now when the rabbis family members are part of the molesters it automatically creates an open field for the rest of its villagers.
Rabbi Rothenberg was torched to near death for the same reason: To show the rest of the village that they have their own rules and no one dare mess with the Rabbi. It all comes back to the core of the problem. This molesters have an open forum because the Rabbis allow it and they know they are protected.
The bottom line…..
It’s very simple! Even when a man with status of Shabzi tzvi went off the roots, there was aman with conviction that stood up against him and said: Yesterday he was a good man, but he changed to the worst! Multiply it one million times to the rabbis of today that were never in such a prestige status, that deserved to be ostrocised when they fuck up! David Twerskey was never a holy man in the first place, he always surrounded his movement with terror and as a teen ager in the Tsalime cheider he was a mishkav zucher’nik ( I spoke this week to the man that he did this horrible sins with), so his record speaks for itself that he is unqualified and unworthy of being a rabbi let alone a community liaison.
GOD BLESS RABBI NUCHEM for his courage, his brave stance, his valor, his strong connection to the Torah and his unselfishness to speak for the truth, speak for the children; speak for the majority of our community and for the sacrifices he makes for the Jewish nation.
It is also worthwhile to notice that Rabbi Rosenberg did a mikvah in Amsterdam by the synagogue of the Avnei Yaakov and also donated 20,000 for its upkeep. The charity and handouts this man does, is beyond believe and beyond comprehension.


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    i support you 100%,but please,please stop making a fool out of yourself and a fool out of us,because you are not fooling anybody, it is pretty obvious that the author of this blog is none other than nuchem rosenberg.
    it is very embarrasing and shamefull that you have to open a blog and start praising yourself day and night,please cut it out,you are only hurting your own cause,and making a fool out of yourself

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    congrats on a detective-type of investigation. Well done!