Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shame on you, New-Square.

After listening the latest audio of the New Square regime and the heart-wrenching cries of a father and cries of the two little children that were torched and abused in the schools of New Square, you can’t help yourself but get emotionally charged up and feel the pain of these poor victims in new Square.

It is mind boggling to listen to how the New-Square-Nazi-regime and their PR propaganda firm are trying to make us believe that they are innocent, and the Self-hating-Jews are trying to make them look bad, while the Dayan and leaders of this filthy town is heard on tape how they could not care less about anything but to make sure you are a slave for this regime.
Listen to these two tapes how the official Dayan of the town is lying trough his teeth and trying to whitewash everything about this town. Listen to this filthy Dayan who is lost and knows that he is wrong but is scared to speak out against the regime. PHONY FAKE FRAUD!
How shameful this town is! How Nazi-style of justice is this town dishing out to its members! How full of murderous and incest this town is busy with! This town with their Rabbi does not care about anything except that you should follow them the way they want it. They don’t care about the Torah they don’t care about the laws they don’t care about the women, the children, the souls of members. They are NAZIS! They are murderers! They are garbage and filth and they deserve to be exterminated!
They embarrass our religion they embarrass our lifestyle they shame the Torah and they humiliate every single Jew in the world! It’s high time that David Twersky YM”S and his group of loons should be fully investigated by the FBI and get the punishment they deserve.

My blood is boiling and so should every person with a soul! The scum and dirt that this regime has been pushing upon its members is stuff that the Jewish nation never endured! These are tactics that the worst enemies of the Jewish people never thought about. These are the worst of the worst and the lowest of the low!
Please, ladies and gentleman. Don’t get suckered in by the New-Square PR firm and feel bad for them. This is their trick and this is their Bull-Shit at its best! They will do anything and everything to act like a victim. They are guilty as charged and then some. Every single day, more and more of their Nazi-style work is being exposed, and more of their inhumane treatment of their villagers are being uncovered.

We are not allowed to sit back and just watch this terror go on and on and on! If you expect that the USA government should step in and support Israel when they are being bombarded, then you are required to do the same thing now! Don’t sit back while your brothers and sisters are being killed, tortured, abused, raped, burned and being stripped of everything humane!
Stand up and demand justice, stand up and demand accountability, stand up and say Enough is enough, stand up and petition for a full investigation into these abusive patterns that have been going on for years, Stand up and demand an investigation into this whitewashing by the local Rockland county officials, Stand up and don’t sit back down until you did your part in making a difference.
Every Jewish man and woman should be outraged about this village, Every single Jew with a soul and heart should demand an end to this terror regime, Every single man should go out and do their part to make a difference and not wait for the Rabbis to do it, because it will never happen. As you heard from that so-called Dayan in new Square, how gutless he is, how fake he is, how scared he is of the regime and what a liar he is (By the way, this is the same dayan that signed against Rabbi Nuchem  and out him in Cheirem – Just to give you an idea who these scumbags are and what their signature means -  NOTHING)
If this New-Square debacle does not change, we might as well convert to Islam and give up everything we stand for, because we are worthless! If we can sit back and just say The Rabbi is good, then we have no guts, no Soul, no business practicing Judaism.

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