Sunday, September 19, 2010

A fathers revenge.

Before you watch this video let me give you a little background about this story.
This guy named Gary has a 11 year old son that was kidnapped and molested by a 30 year old scumbag. The police caught him and his son was returned to him. But Gary was not waiting for justice from the courts and decided to take action on his own.

You see, unlike some people, Gary did not try to Whitewash it but instead he was taking revenge for his son. He was willing to go in prison for life, to defend his little boy.

Gary disguised his looks and was waiting by a telephone booth , so no one sees him and when the Police passed by with the molester, he took out his gun and shot the piece of filth.

You can hear the police asking him WHY? WHY? WHY GARY? Why did you do this? They all understood the agony and pain of this father, and treated him with golden gloves.  And he answers. “If it would be your kid, you would’ve done the same”

The story has even a better ending. Every one involved realized what this father went trough and appreciates that he was revenging his sons pain. Do you know what his punishment was for killing him? “FIVE YEARS PROBATION! Not one day in Jail! This is what I call justice.

Feel free to check the comments on this You tube video. Every single parent says thank you to him and supports him.

After you watch this video please send me your comment what you would’ve done! And after you did this think about the Rabbis who still think Rabbi Nuchem should be in cheirem!

Mr. Charles Hynes!  Rabbi Nuchem has been telling you that for a while now, its only a matter of time before this will happen! Its only a matter of time on how long you can oppress a fathers emotion!  It’s only a matter of time that this will happen in OUR community! There is no telling what a painful father is capable of doing!

I don’t condone violence and I don’t condone what Gary did, but I DO understand and appreciate where he is coming from!  The pain he had was unbearable, and he had to show his kid. I am your father and I will protect you!

Now guys, what are YOU willing to show your kids when they are molested? So far, all of you, don’t have 1% of Gary’s guts! But its only a matter of time! I honestly believe it!


  1. משתתף בצערן של ישראלSeptember 19, 2010 at 12:24 PM

    Wow! This guy had guts. What one commenter on YouTube wrote makes sense, shoot him in the genitals, so he has a lifetime of suffering, too bad his demise put him out of his misery.
    The father still has my VOTE.
    I wonder what the KOSOVER CHAZER would have done in Gary's place?

  2. To משתתף בצערן של ישראל said...
    You are so disgusting..... Do you know the HEILGER KOSOVER REBBE? you are not worth to even shine his shoes!!!!!

  3. how “Heilig” can this kossever idiot be when he is protecting molesters. Its all bull shit! He is not called the Kossever anymore; I will call him the "crossover" rabbi. This American boy decided to become a rebbe and does not know from his head to his ass. It’s a joke!

  4. To NuchemISright said...
    1) How much time of the day do you learn Torah?
    2) How much time of the day are you spending Davvennen? and how does your davvennen look like?
    3)How much time of the day are you spending here on the TREIFENE internet?
    4) in your life time how many time where you NICHSHAL with TREIFENE RAYES? (looking on unclean places?
    1)The Kosover Rebbe Learned Torah in his BUCHERISHE Years 18 hours a day!!!!
    2)His davvenning was for hours and an "EISH LEHUVHU" for all his years!!!!
    3) The Kossever Rebbe was "MOISER NEFESH" to watch his eyes ALL HIS LIFE...
    call him any name you want... you will be burned in geihanum for a trillion years for being MEVAZEH such a HEILIGEH TZADIK!!!

  5. All of the above might be true about the kossever chaser, and for all I care he can learn 70 hours a day torah, but it’s worthless when he is protecting child molesters. And instead of watching his eyes, let his watch the children in the community and not protect molesters.

    Are you also angry at the people who talk on Aaron teitelbaum? Or the people who are shame Zalmen leib teitelbaum? Are you angry at the people who embarrass The Hager brothers in Israel? How about the Bobover rabbis in Brooklyn? I never heard your position on those people.

    Why me? Why are you so angry with me? Whom are you protecting?