Thursday, September 2, 2010


Nuchem stop talking on the rabunim, Rabunim are honest, and holy and truthful, and sincere.
You can’t tell them what to say and you can write speeches for them, its all done on their own and they have a Das torah.

And here is a good example.

This letter was written by the Rabbi to proclaim that Berel Azhkenazi is a honest man.

Great. Now its all clear.

The  letter that he wrote that Berel will not touch any kid,  and will be good from now on, that was a mistake, but the 2nd one is the real one, and no problem! Everything is good now

OOPS!       OOPS!        OOPS!

What do we got here.

This is a letter that Berels brother wrote for the Rabbi and asked him to sign it.
See the differences?

No signature on the bottom
No stamp on the bottom
Some words different that the one they released, like for an example (towards the bottom) “please tell your brother not to worry, I will take his side”

Nuchem, how dare you say the rabbis are corrupt?


  1. You should correct that to "some 'rabbis' are corrupt," not all of them. Most rabbis are indeed holy men, not like the self-described holy molester who is the subject of this post.

  2. Can anyone explain what is wrong with someone preparing a letter for a rabbi to sign?

    According to halacha a person does not have to write the templates, he just has to know what hi signs and stand behind his words. And even if r' Berel himself would write the template it wouldn't be a problem.

    BTW, is there a reason why you didn't post the original letter, where he supposedly writes that r' berel should not touch kids?

    An other point: it's common practice in the court system that the attorneys write the orders and the justice only signs it.

    Does anyone else see a problem?

  3. משתתף בצערן של ישראלSeptember 2, 2010 at 8:49 PM

    sosad indeed.
    You idiod, in court the lawyers write the orders with the approval of the second side. The lawyers don't write the judgments, and yes, משכב זכר is a bigger sin, than for the one being judged (or his brother) to prepare the letter, just show what a schmuck the rabbi is.
    As for the original letter, Mr Ashkenazi (or Lebovits), go get it and read it yoursel, this filth is not worth space on this blog, these two letters were posted, just for comparison.
    Go back to hallucinating about destroying R' Nuchem.

  4. where is the evidence that berels brother wrote it?