Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The face of Evil!

I am posting some details of this case  that is still ongoing. I want to bring out a couple of points that are very important.

The story of Elior chen אליאור חן shook up the whole country in Israel. Pedophile and molester אליאור חן Elior Chen, the “self-appointed” rabbi who influenced some of his followers to abuse their children in order to "correct their corrupt souls," was extradited back to Israel after this 29 year old scumbag fled to Brazil more than a year ago after a terrifying affair of child abuse in a religious family in Jerusalem was exposed.

Chen's alleged crimes came to light after two brothers, an unconscious three-year-old and his four-and-a-half-year-old brother, were rushed to the hospital on March 12, 2008 in serious condition.
In the following two videos, you will hear from these poor little children. Your heart will break when you see the kind of torture and abuse these innocent souls went through.

According to prosecutors, Chen instructed the mother of the family and others to beat the children severely, saying this would mend their behavior. The two children were reportedly beaten with hammers, knives and other instruments. Their mother, who agreed to a plea bargain, said those were just some of the crimes.
Chen will likely be charged with abusing minors, soliciting to abuse minors, assaulting minors and conspiracy to commit a crime.However, the prosecution may drop several of the charges in compliance with the extradition agreement.

According to Israeli newspaper Marraiv Chen boarded the aircraft before the rest of the passengers accompanied by an Israeli detective. He tried to injure himself, began ranting and screaming, yelling the extradition was not legal, prompting local policemen to forcefully sit him down in his seat.

Moments before his remand hearing was scheduled to begin at the Jerusalem Magistrates Court Elior Chen was seen smiling and at ease. Despite the heavy charges he faces, he responded briefly on camera to questions posed by Channel 2. According to reports, Chen spent his first night in Israeli custody chained to his bed to prevent him from trying to harm himself to avoid standing trial. When asked whether he was still chained to his bed, he looked at the police investigator sitting alongside him and shook his head.
The man suspected of sadistic child abuse told the news channel he was treated well by his jailors. When told he is not considered especially popular among the general public, his reply was "tzarot Yisrael."
The self-styled rabbi,  is suspected of instructing his followers to carry out violent tikkunim against their own children, and in some cases of abusing them himself. The tikkunim included appalling acts such as binding, burning limbs and feeding children feces. One of the children abused by Chens followers has been comatose since the case came to light a year and a half ago.

“Satan in the form of a Rabbi” are the words the children who suffered abuse at his hands use to describe Elior Chen, the man currently sitting in jail.

A year and a half after the story came to light and the day after a serious charge sheet was filed against Elior Chen, the children spoke out for the first time since the extradition to Israel two weeks ago, in an exclusive interview for Israeli news site Kikar

They have not forgotten the suffering they underwent, relive those harrowing moments, feel the burns and scars left on their bodies and the loss of the mother serving a prison sentence.

Their little brother, who remains in a vegetative state, makes it impossible for them to forget the horror. Recently he returned to his home for the first time in 18 months, lying on a special bed that cost thousands of dollars, silently gazing as his happy siblings surrounded him.
The children have heard the various claims Elior Chen is innocent, making them boil with rage. Our bodies are full of burns and scars from what he did. How can someone say it didn’t happen? Another child notes that there are people who deny the Holocaust happened.
Upon hearing the name Elior Chen preceded by the word rov, the children burst out in objection. He’s a rov? He’s Satan disguised as a rov.
They say they will never forgive him. There is no mechiloh for what he did to our family.

Elior Chens father, who claims his son is innocent, has stated he wishes everyone could have such a tzaddik for a son. In response one of the girls in the shattered family says, I wish his sons were like my little brother, the one lying as a vegetable in the hospital.

Were Elior Chens fate left in the hands of the children he abused, he would suffer a similar fate. I would burn him until he died, just like he burned me, says one of the boys. I would cut him up with a sword, adds another.

Their father is also enraged over Elior Chens claims of innocence. He has a lot of chutzpah not to admit to it. That’s part of his wickedness. This man is dangerous. Even if he spends 30 years behind bars, he will still be a danger to the public.
Time has not healed the wounds. The father does not work, but spends all his time taking care of the eight children. They live in hiding. Their friends at school have no inkling of the nightmare they went through. They always keep their scars out of sight and never have friends visit their motherless home.

The mother of these children received a five-year prison term earlier this year. She was found guilty of violently throwing the children around by their arms and legs, leaving a child in an electric oven until his hair burned, placing a child in a suitcase for three days, feeding a child excrement and other extreme acts of abuse. She received a lenient sentence in exchange for testifying against Chen and others.

The despicable skunk himself was not charged with attempted murder, but the indictment claims that he
abused and assaulted minors in eight separate cases. In addition, he allegedly encouraged members of the group he led to make “corrections” in their children by shaking, beating, binding, and burning them. He also instructed his followers to withhold food and drink from their children and to feed them excrement.
His wife requested a divorce (“get”) from him, but he told a rabbinical court that he is refusing to grant a get, or Jewish divorce, to the mother of his alleged victims.  What did you expect?

This story was only discovered after the children were so badly beaten that they were transferred to the hospital unconscious, but cases that are less physical (but just as emotionally painful) can go on for years and years with out being noticed. There have been men and women that endured 15 – 20 years of abuse and only spoke out in their later years.

Look at this evils face. You would never think that a man looking like this is capable of such vile acts, but as you can see he did it and went brought to court he did not show an iota of remorse. Sounds familiar Mr. Lebowitz?

What’s even worse is that this slime ball has a group of animals that support him still now! It should really not shock us at all, since we are used to these kind of behavior. But this is the world we live in today.

Therefore my dear rabbis. You keep asking the women to wear short wigs, and long skirts,  shift the blame on them constantly, and when something bad happens in the community, just blame it on one of the above or on your latest cry, the women chatting on the blackberrys in middle of the streets. But the pedophile subject, that’s really minor and isolated, so no big worries there.


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