Sunday, September 5, 2010

ונתתי להם בביתי ובחומתי יד ושם טוב מבנים ומבנות שם עולם אתן לו אשר לא יכרת

As another year passes by, and the holy days are upon us, Jewish people all over the globe gather with their families to their local synagogues and pray to hashem asking him for health, wealth and a blessed sweet year. We are asking for good kids, for righteous kids and we are asking for a blessed year for klal yisroel.
One person that does not get to enjoy this experience, and does not benefit from these privileges, is none other than our esteemed Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg. Why does he not get that right? Why does he not get to be like every other Jew that is welcomed in every synagogue? You guessed it!

Its all a big scheme and plan, to make his life miserable and get him away from the community, so he will stop exposing these rabbis in the community that have no guts to take a stand towards predators and molesters. They don’t have the guts to look him into his eye and say something, they don’t have the guts to respond to his accusation against him, and in reality they don’t have what to say to him, because they know they are wrong! And they know that rabbi Nuchem is right!

However,  at the same time, they still don’t like the fact that he is exposing the truth, so they take the cheap way out, the cowardly way out! Just throw him into isolation and ignore him, and tell the whole world that you are not allowed to talk with him. Like this they accomplish everything they want. They don’t have to respond to him (since they have nothing to say) and they don’t have to face him (since they can’t do that either because they know they are wrong).

Therefore, today we are announcing our project for this coming year! We are thrilled to proclaim today, that this coming year we are going to build a state-of-the-art Bais hamedrash (Synagogue) for our esteemed rabbi in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. It will be walking distance from the rabbi’s apartment, and it will be used for many more community events.

This will be a place, that will be open to anyone who wants to pray, learn, and have a closer connection to G-d. There will be a rehabilitation center for abuse victims and support groups for all who have suffered from sexual abuse over the past 50 years.

Stay tuned for future updates and more details. Those interested in donating for this great “place of worship” or to make a dedication in the name of a loved one may email me at

Let me also add this: We have "outsiders" that are willing to fund this project, and we will ask them to to so if we need to. But of course, we would much rather, get the donations from the community we will be serving, and have the people who will benefit from this, be the ones who have the "Mitzvah" of building it.

בורא עולם בקנין השלם זה הבנין


  1. משתתף בצערן של ישראלSeptember 5, 2010 at 1:29 PM

    בשם ה' תעשה ותצליח

    And we should be zoche to:

    וכל קרני רשעים אגדע תרוממנה קרנות צדיק

  2. Great move! like this we know where he is every day and we can stone him every single day

  3. I will with a doubt be a mispallel there. I am a big fan of R' Nuchem and would be proud to be a member there