Saturday, September 25, 2010


You must check out the following two videos. In short: This man was molested as a kid by a family member, went to his father, and his father didn’t believe him, And of course his younger brother was raped too, so he took to the airways. (sounds familiar?)

Let me warn you these two videos are extremely full of foul language, as the victim can't control his rage, but it’s a must for every parent to watch.

I sometimes think to myself, what would it take for people to open their eyes and see what’s going on? Why are people so reluctant to protect their kids? Why is it when I was a victim of a teacher, and came forward after struggling long and hard, there were still people who said I am a liar?

I will tell you one thing though. After the fact, if G-d forbids your family member became a victim of molestation, you will kick yourself forever for not listening; you will tear your hair from your head for not being aggressive in fighting this terrible plague and cancer in our community.

I must be able to get through to you BEFORE this happens to your loved one. Please, I am asking for 10 minutes of your time, so your kid does NOT look like this guy in the video! Get involved in your community and demand protection for your child.


  1. The suffering on this unfortunate guy is so evident. I thought for one second how my 9 year old son would feel if I didn’t help him, and I cried all night last night and I could not fall asleep.

    Thank you admin. I AM waking up this morning and grabbing my husband and forcing him to watch this video with me. I am making it my mission to do something for my kids right after Yom Tov that will help their life be a better one. I am not talking about buying them a Burberry shirt! I am talking about making sure their life is safe and secure, and I will have an open talk to them.

  2. משתתף בצערן של ישראלSeptember 26, 2010 at 2:51 PM

    Mom in BP.

    You are a good mother and a smart one too. May the Almighty bless you.

  3. Dear BP Mom. I also, as Mishtatef, give you a very big Thank You. I hope soon there will be so many more mothers like you.