Wednesday, September 15, 2010

עשה לך רב, וקנה לך חבר

If you look at the history of Chassidic dynasties and how positions of Rabbis have been passed down from generation to generation, you will see that up to approx 50 years ago it was totally different then it has become today.

Once upon a time: When a rabbi died, they picked his biggest Talmud or talmidum to replace him, and this is how they choose his successor. The בעל שם טוב (Baal Shem Tov) was replaced by many of his Talmidum. i.e יעקב יוסף הכהן. (Rabbi Yacov Yoseph HaKohain of Polonne) and דוב בער ממזריטש (Rabbi Dov Ber of Mezeritch) and this is how it went on for generations.

If you even want to go back to times of Moshe Rabeiny. He was not succeeded by his kids, but rather by Yehoushua Ben Nin. It always worked with the same structure. The people were looking for a man worthy of taking over the responsibilities and continuing in the foot steps of it predecessor
Today: the Rabbi Dies and baboom! Overnight we have a replacement. His oldest son is the new rabbi, no questions asked! (sometimes there are 2 replacements) but never the less there is not even an option of looking into the community , perhaps there is a man in the community that deserves that position, or would be more capable and worthy of that position.

So the obvious question here is, If you went to a doctor for 20 years and he dies, would you continue going for medical appointments to his son who is a bus driver, or would you look for a new doctor in the community that is capable of giving you the care you deserve?
Furthermore, if your neighbors tell you “We must support the doctors son to continue the legacy and to show support for the poor family” would you even for one second continue to go to the son, or you would burst out laughing at everyone.
Can you explain to me the difference?

We have rabbis today, that have no capabilities or credentials to be a rabbi other than the sperm they got from there parents! They are not up for the job! They are not strong enough to take a stand! They are not qualified to teach other people how to live! They are not educated on how to be a Rabbi!

Yet when it comes to make a decision or a “Kol Koreh” they sign their names as there is some validity to it.
Millions of people are eating Kosher food because of a stamp by a particular Rabbi who has no clue whatsoever on the rules and regulations of kashrus, and there is no one to say boo!
Rabbis running schools for little children with absolute no diploma, education, training, or any kind of qualifications, and hiring teachers that have the same exact education, and these are the people you entrust your little children with 7-8 hours a day?
You have a problem with Rabbi Nuchem exposing these Rabbis and calling them names? I will tell you that every Rabbi R’ Nuchem exposed was justified one million percent

Yisroer Hager has been a molester at the age of 17 but continued well into his twenties. Then the community became conscious that this is a future rabbi of this community, they started controlling him and watching him and taught him how to behave so he can hold face in the later years.

That same crew is still controlling Mendele from Boro park that is still calling young Jewish mothers as of today. (I have spoken with a 27 year old woman in boro park that has been pressured by him on a daily basis to sleep with him). Great to see the family tradition continuing from generation to the next.

The Kossever Chazir (pig) has done everything in his power to protect the sexual predators in the name of Torah. He has offered victims of Baruch Lebowits large amount of money, due to the fact that Lebowitz did teshuva and repented. This is the biggest joke of all, because Lebowitz is still claiming innocence and still didn’t apologized to his multiple victims that came forward (let alone the ones that didn’t have the courage to come forward).

He has also tried to keep similar cases under the covers and protected sexual predators in his community. Shameful!

The dinever rabbi is protecting and withholding the names of young children that scumbag Daskalowitz has molested right under his nose. His synagogue on Franklin Ave. was the site of numerous mishaps and he knows the victims and refuses to disclose them t the authorities. The same goes to the Brashower rabbi and his Yoily Liberman shammas.

The bottom line is very clear that these rabbis are no rabbis, their verdicts are no verdicts, and their teaching is no teaching. You are talking about self appointed Rabbis with no qualifications whatsoever, and people on the other side keep complaining that Rabbi Rosenberg is self appointed!

I ask you people in the community. אם אין אני לי, מי לי; וכשאני לעצמי, מה אני; ואם לא עכשיו, אימתיי. NO ONE will look out for you and your children, if you don’t do it yourselves. I don’t have to educate you on the hypocrisy in this community and on the politics in every aspect of today’s rabbis.

Please stand up for your kids! Stand up for humanity! Stand up for what’s right! Stand up for a life of pain-free for our little kids and a lifetime of pain once they are victims!

Get together with other parents of your kids schools and form an alliance. ITS DONE ALL OVER THE WORLD! Why don’t WE deserve the same protection for OUR little jewels? Don’t wait until it’s too late! Every day that passes and something was not done, it increases the chances of something bad happening to your kid! Talk to victims parents, they always kept saying “No! It wont happen to MY kid” the pain is so terrible afterwards, and it’s even worst knowing that you could’ve done something and you didn’t!

רבי אלעזר בן עזריה אומר אם אין דרך ארץ אין תורה


  1. Dinniver Rebbe of Monsey has grandchildren from the Horton Bates area that were and are molesting boys and teens from all over Rockland County. Are these Dinnovers related?

  2. I protest in the name of all of kllal yisroel to your unrelentless richilos and loshon hora right before yom hadin. What right do you have bringing up past history if the person did tshiva..your a piece of garbage.. every jew is worthless to you and your doing g-ds work, sorry you left the fold and this is your outlet of haltered.. know one thing your tfilos go no where and don't waste your time repenting because your public disgrace can never find for you and your family forever.

  3. Thank you dear anonymous,

    Can I still go to shul on Yom Kippur, or should I stay home. It seems like you know the halucha, so enlighten me please.

  4. משתתף בצערן של ישראלSeptember 15, 2010 at 2:29 PM

    To the Second Anonymous.

    You are the disgrace, this Yisruel Huger HaMitzri, is a disgrace to Klal Yisroel, he had the audacity to put our R' Nuchem in cherem, you may know that he himself was already put in cherem by none other than the Ribono Shel Olom Himself. Ask around and you'll find out what is going on with him. I still wish him to get a chance to do teshuvah and get out of his problem, but please, let him abdicate the throne.
    And by the way, learn how to SPELL, my friend, and if you can't there are always "spell checkers".

  5. i m dnt know about the story , but how dare are you to say " he made teshuva "

    how can he make teshuva ? bein odom lechaveroi he can cry and cry til next 1000 years ! if he did not asked mechile from the boy-person self it is NOTHING !!!!! so all this faker's can daven and cry and and and , but unless the ask mechile of the victim's and get there mechile the are sinner's forever !!!! and ever !!!!



  8. Well wrong on both of your comments!

    The first comment I had no clue what you said. I constantly say names and Rabbi Nuchem announces names. The only thing we don’t announce, is the names of the Victims, you moron!

    Second of all. It does not matter whatever or whoever you claim you are. But hear what I am telling you. Rabbi Nuchem is NOT in Cheirem, No one in the right world other then these couple of rabbis in NY, has accapted this Cheirem, he has more supporters on his side than all these rabbis Combined.

    Mendele teitelbaum, who had משכב זכר with every boy in Monroe or on top of the “Shomer shabbas” shul on 13th ave., is one of the Rabbis that put him in cheirem. What a joke! What a mockery of justice! Seven other people who signed on that BULL SHIT cheirem also signed a letter in defense of convicted molester Weingarten who physically raped and sodomized his kids for years and years. And you think that this cheirem has some value? Wake up and stop dreaming. Get out of the Williamsburg section and see how the whole world views this. They laugh at it! They laugh at the Rabbis.