Sunday, September 26, 2010


The following is a video of a child molester in prison! Guys, think twice what you are doing, if the morality of this crime does not phase you, maybe this video will!

The beatings that this prisoner got, took over an hour before the guiards broke it up. You think they didn’t know? Haha think again!

No one except our local rabbis could care less what happens to these molesters.

This next one was in Mexico. They caught him in the act and they didn’t wait for the police. In our schools he would’ve gotten a “warning” and he would’ve been sentenced to 10 hours of helping put away the seforim in the shul. Great going!


  1. You are a antisemite

  2. leave this job to the rabunnim and manhigim worry about your own family you self hating jew

  3. i wonder - do these people (i.e. the commentor(s) above) not realize the impact sexual abuse has on a child? Do they think its not a big deal? Do they think its ok?

    Seriously. How do these guys view child molestation?

  4. To Anonymous.

    Go look in the mirror you stupid idiot, and you'll see an antisemite. Unfortunately the rabbonim don't know how to handle these cases, forget about the Kosover Chazer, who is an evil person, made a molester put away the seforim, even the erliche rabbonim have no clue as to what to do with a molester. The Skulener Rebbe, who is an erlicher Yid said he'll teach the molester how to say Tehillim, and the Rachmistrivker, also an erlicher Yid makes a molester come learn every night for an hour while he harbors a whole mishpoche, two generations of pedophiles. I can list you a few more, and how about the rebbelech that are sooooooo farfrimt and do mishkav-zochor - anal sex - with young bachurim - Rachmune litzlon

  5. It seems the first two anonymous commenters is the same person. Borech hashem we took out the handling of sexual abuse from the hands of the rabbonim, and we put in the hands of the police, where it belongs. Sure, the molestors are putting up a big fight. We have not won the war, but even if we win only a small percent we are winninig. Who that saves one life is as if he saved the whole world. But tell me please, what is your basis that the rebbelich are doing Mishkav sucher with bocherim. I am so shocked. I am a zeideh (grandfather) and I am so petrified, i am so concerned about my einiklech, that this common in our community. Where is the outrage.

  6. I am not sure what you are referring to. But I will tell you that EVERY SINGLE STORY I posted, has been triple verified. As for Rabbi Nuchem’s stories, let me tell you this much. People think that he just dribbles stories. He is sitting on so many stories that he has, but is not reporting it until he verifies it with different and accurate information.

    I will give you one example. If you remember he posted a story about a 16 year old in Uman this past Rosh Hashanah, as of yet he did not announce the names of the people involved even tough I know and he knows it. Because he is careful what he is saying.

    Just so you know, everything he says is accurate.

  7. nuchem is crap his own family is full of pedophiles, let him start from home and then preach to the masses....he is a sick man and so are all your followers that number maybe 5 sorry u lost this world and the world to come..waiting when u will eventually post an open apology to all the people u insulted.

  8. As always: a great intelligent answer and you made a real good point! Will you guys EVER be able to come up with a real question or response, or will it always be the same dribble (nuchem is crap - nuchems family are pedophiles) that makes no sense. Keep talking it speaks volume about the people you align yourself with

  9. Dear NIR, my question 'on what basis ...' was not to you, it was to I HateFools. I never questioned your sources.

  10. i do know nochum and amire him
    he fights for whats right and to protect children who the rabbonim dont

    he has exposed molesters all over the world and as a result children are safer

    btw there isd a case now in florida where the rabbi leherfeld of the young israel refused to turn over the security video which would prove that man was there who fondled a 7 year old girl

    BH there are community people who got a name and gave it to the police

    lets see all of you defend this rabbi

  11. I have concluded you really know very little about Nuchem, if he is your rabbi then pope is you g-d, your all about revenge, so you can commit all the sins and feel good about it. As the Vilna Goan said for every sin no matter what your motive is there is an accounting for..your mass explosion of naming names who can not defend themselves amounts to a sin greater then any molester that you have come across. Can I ask you how many sins have you done in the last year or so that your proud the world should know? There is a torah way and there is nuchems way, just like korach your all going down in a heap of ashes, repent before it is to late.

  12. it was to I HateFools.

    Patience, my friend, you will find out in due time.

    Meanwhile an international scandal is brewing, involving a הרה"צ sit tight.

  13. To the previous Anonymous,

    Anything else you have concluded that you feel its important to share? In case you have not noticed, I could not care less what you conclude, and what a big Baal Avireh you think I am. After all it shows much about you to ask me, how many sins I did last year? You fit right in with the rest of this holy moly’s, don’t worry what you have sinned, just be busy with me!

    And by the way can you lend me the scale you use to weigh which sins are bigger than others. You are such a fool, keep commenting it makes me feel great about myself. I will try to post as much of your shtissim comments I possibly can.

    A giten moied

  14. Why don't you publicize your name like your rabbi does, your address and phone number lets see whose hiding behind the curtain.

  15. For the same reasons you are under anonymous you hypocrite