Thursday, September 2, 2010

We have a golden opportunity to secure funding for one of our survivor support network partners. All it takes is for you to take a minute every day and click on this voting link:

Vicki Polin, founder of The Awareness Center, is a champion on our shared journey for recovery from and the prevention of sexual abuse, she has been threatened, poked, spit on, verbally abused and insulted. Vicki has been nominated for the 2010 Jewish Heroes Award, given by the Jewish Federation of America*. The individuals who wins this contest will receive a large grant for the organization of their choice. To help The Awareness Center win, and thus strengthen it's Chicago sexual abuse and assault victim outreach.

You can vote every 12 hours. Please do so!


  1. משתתף בצערן של ישראלSeptember 2, 2010 at 8:54 PM

    Thanks for posting this link.
    ברוך מרדכי און בערל אשכנזי אינאיינעם מעגען זיין איר כפרה

  2. you also have the opportunity to let your voice be heard when it comes to your children's safety at school!

    We can no longer allow our yeshivos and day schools to cover for teachers and staff that molest or harm children! As parents, it is your responsibility to protect your children! YESHIVOS HAVE SHOWN THAT THEY CANNOT AND SHOULD NOT SELF-POLICE!

    Learn how to protect our children and let yeshivos know that their current policies of covering-up and shutting up are no longer acceptable!

  3. If I may please suggest that since one may select 2 nominees to vote for at one time that your readership vote for another champion for victims of molesters. He works with at risk boys in Our Place of Flatbush and is a longtime member of Hatzoloh. Please, while voting for Vicki also vote for Zvi Gluck. Moderator please add his name to your post.
    Gut Shabbas