Friday, September 3, 2010

A new year! A new beginning.

I had an opportunity to interview yesterday a man in his 30s that lives in the heart of Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY). He is a very brave man, and with all the punishments and abuse he took from a teacher at the age of 8 through 10, he made a remarkable come back and is the head of a beautiful and healthy family.

Once we started talking about his past, it didn’t take long for him to break down and compulsively shaking and crying as he went back to his childhood. The pain was seen on his face, and the anguish was like something I never seen before, and his tears were flowing endlessly.

Why am I telling you this? Because I feel that the majority in our community, still don’t get it! I know every one is against pedophilia and against rapist and molesters, but somehow it feels like it’s just words, slogans and lip service.

We must sit down and take 3 minutes of our time and see what these terrible people do their victims. This is not a temporary scar; this is not a pimple that goes away after 2 weeks. This is a LIFETIME of pain and suffering for these victims. When I spoke to this victim about the abuse he had 20 years earlier, he broke down and cried and was in anguish that I thought for a moment, it happened yesterday!

His loyal wife came in after 20 minutes and attempted to stop the interview, but the husband insisted to go on! The man is in therapy and will be in therapy for life! The man still does not trust a human being (including his family) with anything, and he is always on the lookout and nervous.

I beg you people in the community! DO SOMETHING about it! EDUCATE the public about it! Rabbi Rosenberg is constantly doing it and you think that he is repeating himself every week. HE IS NOT! You must say this every day to your kids. Watch this video and read the statistics of these scum of the earth

What have you done today to protect your child? What have you done today to verify for sure that your 7 year old boy is not molested in school?

There are victims in OUR community that have been raped and molested for 12 – 15 years non stop! This is not just a saying, it is reality! Boys AND Girls, that went through hell in their childhood and were raised by nice families and good parents, and no one knew whats going on!
These molesters know every trick in the book. They know how to scare you! How to frighten you! How to intimate you! And how to threaten you! What makes you think thet YOUR child is immune to these monsters? I spoke to a woman that was molested by her uncle for 10 years non stop in her own room, in her own house and in her every day life!
I am not asking you to do something for a stranger? I am asking you to something for YOUR KID! Teach him and her, that when a person tells him not to say to totty or mommy something, that that’s the PERFECT TIME TO RUN and tell totty and mommy!
I know its not politically correct to discuss this in our community!, but open your eyes. There are cases in the community right now that will shock you to no end! There are molesters in our community that will rape your children at a blink of the eye! And these people can be your brothers, sisters, husbands, fathers, sons, cousins or the favorite uncle!
Please make a NEW YEAR resolution to protect your kids and to speak out. And stop hating the people that are here to help you and educate you. Insiders! Outsiders! Chassidic! Non Chassidic! What does it matter?

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  1. משתתף בצערן של ישראלSeptember 3, 2010 at 1:53 PM

    I couldn't have put it any better - well said - Friends, take heed, do something for your kid today and every day, because you never know what evil man lurks after you children.
    And to you the administrator, I say: תזכה לשנים רבות טובות ונעימות.