Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Breaking news

Ladies and gentleman, I need your close attention and I need to talk to you guys as your “Jewish brother” as it seems that things have escalated to a whole new and higher level.
This news I am about to present for you, was given to me 3 days ago and I sat on this story and didn’t disclose it out of respect and out of courtesy to the Rabbi who has now become the victim.

As you are aware by now, rabbi Nuchem had been telling his audience for a while now, that he will do an “אדרבא Aderaba” (it means: When rabbis put you in חרם isolation for the wrong reasons, you can “by Jewish law” throw it back at them and put these Rabbis in isolation). But this week he announced that he will NOT do it due to the strong repercussions that might arise of it. It is well known in Jewish tradition research, that whenever an “אדרבא Aderaba” was done, the consequences and the outcome were very bitter and with toxic, lethal and deadly results.

It seems, history is repeating itself! One of the Rabbis that were very active in bringing this חרם Isolation on Rabbi Nuchem has been diagnosed with a deadly sickness and is very very sick. That Rabbi has already sent “Directly and indirectly” a couple of messages of regret and apologies to rabbi nuchem.

Here is the deal! you can laugh it off, you can shake it off as a coincidence, or you can take a moment of your time and really think on what’s happening here. Here is a Young rabbi that was healthy and strong and out of the blue he developed this terrible disease and is struggling with it. I will tell you that the rabbi is not taking it lightly and is having major issues with what he did, he is resentful, and remorseful and sees that this is definitely from a higher power and it is מן השמים.

To the credit of Rabbi Nuchem, as soon as he got word of this, he took it upon himself to give up the “אדרבא Aderaba” without any publicity on why he did it, and decided to not go forward with it. But People, I am reaching out to you and let’s be frank and honest about this. This is not a coincidence and this is not something that “just“ happened! God looks out for his children, and god takes the side of a “Nirdaf -א-לקים יבקש את נרדף” and the gig is up boys!
Let’s stop this trend right away! Let’s tell God, we got the message! There is no need to punish us anymore! We ALL regret what we did to Rabbi Nuchem and we all regret abusing and fighting one of your loyal soldiers!

WAKE UP PEOPLE! We are not dealing with a Local rabbi that you can tell him what to do and what to say! We are dealing with GOD! We are dealing with the truth! We are dealing with Fire! And we don’t want to mess with fire! Let’s get off our high horses and say SORRY! Sorry Rabbi Nuchem for torturing you for 5 years! Sorry Rabbi Nuchem for not listening to you! Sorry Rabbi Nuchem for ignoring you when we all along knew you were right! Sorry Rabbi Nuchem for making your life hell!

This world is not a free-for-all, and its time we take that in consideration and stop the madness!


  1. All of a sudden a saint how come you don't tell the world how sick nuchem is...insulting rabonim is punishable by death..

  2. OK insulting rabunim is punishable by death! Great point!

    I will get back to that in a second, but conveniently, you are not concerned with the little kids that are raped anally repeatedly at the age of seven or the kids that are molested for long periods, and their whole life is ruined. See, the Rabbis are 30 and 40 year olds and they can very well defend themselves against any one, but these little innocent souls are brutally attacked and are defenseless, that you are not worried about,

    Shame on you, you filthy skunk and inhumane bastard.

    As far as your statement The old stamarer rebbe who called the Holminer Rebbe Y”emach Shmoi” should get the death penalty. All the Aroinim should get it and all the Zaloinim should get. Bobov from both sides should get it and so should Vizhnitz and any other 2-party congregation. You just killed 75% of FRUM jewish people Congratalations!

    But of course you will pick and choose and tell me which Rabbi is considered a rabbi.

    You sicken me! And you are an embarrassment to yiddishkeit !

  3. You sound exactly like Nuchem.

  4. משתתף בצערן של ישראלSeptember 8, 2010 at 6:32 AM

    I am trying to remember what the Beirach Moshe called Mechel Lebovits, was it only "Pizza fresser" or was it worse?

    About this sick rabbi, I have an inkling whom you are refering to. I have a suggestion for him, let him go up to the bimah before tekias shofar and announce that he sinned before G-D and before R' Nuchem, and that he will do the utmost to rectify his sins. I am sure that this will bring him a refuah.

    כתיבה וחתימה טובה

  5. Ok whats this? Is it the Jewish Society has to offer to the world...we all should shoulder our resposibility in best and the most righteous ways..