Monday, September 6, 2010

My dear reader and commenter

I received from someone named “this is so sad”  a comment on a previous post; it was not in support of Rabbi Nuchem or me. However, since it was written with respect and intelligence, I posted it and when I decided to respond, I realized that it will be a long one, so I am creating a new blog about it and will post it now.
The following is was he said:
thisisosad... said... I wanna commend you for changing your approach, educating instead of slamming.
Although you're way over doing it when it comes to the epidemic facts, nevertheless, it might raise some more awareness on the matter, which is good.

If Nuchem would deal with it in the manner you are currently dealing with it, people might have listened to him.But we all know the reason he didn't, cause his agenda is POWER AND CONTROL

Please, do yourself a favor, drop Nuchem and go about your business educating the masses.

Now I will respond to the above comment.
First of, Thank you for reading our blog and for sending your comments. I have refused to post many of your comments because they were vicious and nasty at times, but as long as you will continue to disagree with dignity (as you did in your latest one) , I will be more than happy to post it.

“I wanna commend you for changing your approach, educating instead of slamming.”

Well, I don’t believe I have changed my approach at all. Just, sometimes “slamming” as you so conveniently call it, is part of educating! When the rabunim are wrong, I MUST "slam" them so people realize that they are wrong and in return, they educate themselves.

“Although you're way over doing it when it comes to the epidemic facts, nevertheless, it might raise some more awareness on the matter, which is good”

My friend. You could not have been more wrong than you are now! If I am guilty of something, it is “under doing” and not “over doing” and this is the same problem we are having in this community. The rabbis are hiding the facts and the statistics, so you should not know about it. You yourself claim, that the rabbis are working with the community in discretion, so how would you know if I over did it or not? Since you don’t get to see or hear about these “discrete” cases.

Let me tell you something further. I am running this blog anonymously and not even rabbi Nuchem knows who I am. However, I will tell you, that I live in Williamsburg, and was brought up in Boro Park and learned on 53rd street in satmar yeshiva, and today I am not a public figure per se, but I am very much involved in community affairs. I hear many stories, I deal with many problems and I am in constant contact with the upper echelon in our community.

Take it for what it is worth. But I am here to tell you, that the problem is 10x worse of what you are made to believe, and even I am holding back a lot.

“If Nuchem would deal with it in the manner you are currently dealing with it, people might have listened to him.”

This is where I will need your full attention and open mind, and only then you might understand what I am about to say. Lets go over some facts first:

1.   Rabbi Nuchem DID deal with this manner in the beginning. Rabbi Nuchem has written letters in private to appropriate community Rabbis and leaders, explaining to them the issues,and it went in one ear and out the other.

For four years, he has written to them, called them and explained to them what’s happening in this community, and no one gave him the time of the day. So do not tell me that the “Tone of voice” is the problem

2.  These Rabbis have punished Rabbi Nuchem in the worst possible ways. Rabbi Nuchem took a bullet in the forehead, Rabbi Nuchem is being harassed on a daily basis, rabbi Nuchem has been put in isolation for NO GOOD REASON, other than they wanted to protect their own wrong doings!, Rabbi Nuchem is being yelled at, every time he walks the streets of his own community! And you have a problem with the “tone of his voice”? You have a problem with the “manner” he is talking to us?

I DARE you to find one Rabbi in NY that would’ve kept going for something he stands for , after 5 years of isolation and abuse! These Rabbis today don’t have the guts to say NO when being asked to sign a Kol Koreh against a concert by Lipa Shmeltser, with out prove of any wrong doing! These Rabbis today don’t have the decency to linvestigate a story if Rabbi Weingarten is an abuser or not, and they just signed a Kol Koreh claiming he is a holy man, when in fact here were many local rabbis who knew for 100% that he is a molester!

Rabbi Nuchem has stood his ground strongly for years and years while receiving death threats, bullets, beatings and isolation action against him, and you have a problem with his “manners”? You have a problem with his “tone of voice”?

Finally, I WILL NOT DROP NUCHEM! You have been asking that the whole time, because you all know that once he is dropped, the rabbis have a free range to go back and doing stuff with no objections!

Thank the lord for Rabbi Nuchem and the pressure he keeps bringing on this community, otherwise this would’ve been “god forbid” a molesters playground.

While I am on this subject: Let me also respond to the many emails and complaints i received, regarding showing you videos form the church, Iran, etc. and claiming that I respect their views. I did not think I had to explain it, but Just for the record, here it is.

Under no circumstances am I justifying or believing in the message of the church or the Iran regime or any other quotes and articles from the secular world. I am merely using them as an example and as a point of reference to show you, teach you and educate you on what’s going on out there, and on the seriousness of the problem.

When Hakudesh burach hu took the Jews out of Egypt and split the Ocean for them, he also took in consideration of what the secular world would say and what the angles will say! It’s called” Humanity! Compassion! Civilization! Society!

Let me end by saying, Your comments are always welcomed and your suggestions are always well received and I appreciate them.

My hope is that we can all come to a common understanding and that you can see that Rabbi Nuchem is NOT about “Power and control” but rather about “cleaning the streets of molesters and pedophiles”! The day I will hear a local Rabbi speaking out about molesters, and announcing a "help center" or any solution, that will be the day I will close this blog and work with the local Rabbis. Unfortunately though, it has been 50 years in waiting, and nothing was done so far.

Lshana Tova to you and all Klal yisroel


  1. משתתף בצערן של ישראלSeptember 7, 2010 at 3:35 AM

    Dear Moderator.
    I see that boruch haShem the Lebovits/Ashkenazi clan changed their tone, they seem to realize, that by openly supporting molesters they will not get too far, so they now they started saying: we are also against molesters, but Nuchem this and Nuchem that, Nuchem wants power, he has an agenda, blah blah blah. Well I got something to tell them: Nuchem does have an agenda, to rid our community of molesters, and we are going to support him all the way, whether you like it or not, and we will help him expose the molesters and the so called rabbunim that cover up for them.
    Chazak v'emotzGit Yom Tov

    P.S. Say what you want, but I am not R' Nuchem.

  2. I wish you a very good year, ksive vchsimeh toiveh. Your work is tremendously viral. As R Nuchem said, burich shmusar oilumoi lshomrim.
    Thisissosad is not interested in the truth. The good that comes out from his comments are 2-fold, let the world see their agenda, and he elicits from you very good posts such as this.

  3. I'm with you all the way on Reb Nuchem and what he is trying to accomplish. However, Reb Nuchem is the one on the firing line by exposing himself while you are supporting him anonymously. If you feel so strongly about this issue and what he stands for, why don't you reveal yourself and publicly support him so that he does not feel he is the only one standing up for what's right by using his good name and mesiras nefesh? By the way, I think the lawyer for the getridofnuchem website is Eric P. Robinson and they are trying to use legal means to shut him down. I hope they don't succeed and kesiva vechasima tovah?

  4. Good points to you my last commenter.

    I will tell you though. That I am not strong enough as Rabbi Nuchem and don’t have the strength he has to come out of my shadow. And this talks even more volume about the Mesiras nefesh and commitment that Rabbi Nuchem has.

    As for their lawyer. What lawyer! When lawyer! They have no lawyer! We have gotten email from that address and form the admin of their blog and it all matches to the same IP. Thet are a jke , they were always a joke and they are falling apart quickly.

    P.S. Did not get a response from “Sosad” yet.

    PS 2 Rabbi Nuchem does not feel isolated at all. I have spoken with him bu phone many times with out exposing my private info and he is strong, and he got more supporters than you can imagine